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The shooting on Alec Baldwin’s movie set has raised a lot of troubling questions about safety procedures and whether they were being followed. We reported that part of the crew left the set with questions about the conditions. One of those concerns was gun safety. Three accidental shots of prop guns were also reported. So, one has to wonder why there wasn’t a full-on investigation from that alone, if true, and why they continued filming without apparently clearing up the issues.

But, if that wasn’t bad enough, it gets worse.

A new report claims that the prop gun Baldwin used to kill Halyna Hutchins, cinematographer, and wound director Joel Souza was used for entertainment on set and target practice at off-the-clock gatherings. This could have explained how the real ammunition made it into the gun.

Another report claims that police found ammo as well as blank rounds in the same location when they searched the set. This is also very concerning. If that’s true, that’s another problem that could have led to a mistake and again, something that never should have happened.

Officials have yet to confirm these reports.

These reports, if they are true, show that the weapons and ammunition handling on the set was not perfect.

More concerns have been raised about the head armorer who was responsible for the weapons.

According to the Daily Beast, on her first job as head armorer, Nicholas Cage’s movie, ‘The Old Way,’ Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, 24, gave a gun to an 11-year-old actress without checking it properly for safety. “Rust” was Gutierrez-Reed’s second job as a head armorer.

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“She was reloading the gun on the ground, where there were pebbles and stuff,” one source told the outlet. “We didn’t see her check it, we didn’t know if something got in the barrel or not.”

Gutierrez-Reed apparently gave the gun to Ryan Kiera Armstrong, a child actress. This prompted concerned crew members, according to reports. Sources claim that the gun was later checked for any obstruction in the barrel.

“She was a bit careless with the guns, waving it around every now and again,” a source said.

“There were a couple times she was loading the blanks and doing it in a fashion that we thought was unsafe.”

The incident caused filming to be temporarily stopped, according the report.

A “Rust” production source also described Gutierrez-Reed as “inexperienced and green.”

Gutierrez­Reed, as we reported previously, appeared last month on a podcast where she raised concerns about her experience.

They’ll ultimately figure out exactly what happened when they conclude the investigation. But it’s already clear from these reports, if true, that there were significant issues that should not have happened, that they should have been aware of problems but don’t appear to have taken action to address them. That’s a glaring red flag when it comes to possible questions of liability.

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