The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Narcissus, an ancient Greek hunter was beautiful. He was averse to romantic advances. He knew that none of his friends were as attractive as him, and there was no need to have a romantic relationship. Narcissus finally fell in love in the midst of his own reflection. He gazed at himself so longingly, lovingly, and in love with him, unmoved, and stayed there until his death. His name is now a flower because the gods transformed him. The wildflower grows along riverbanks.

Everybody has mythologies that we believe in. When we don’t know the truth, myths help us understand how the world works. The Bible is a testament to how contradictory it is, and the way it challenges the mythologies that it was written at the time. This is one of the reasons I believe the Bible is true. Moses claimed in Genesis 1 that only one God existed and that stars, sun and moon were objects of the sky. The monotheistic religion of Moses was different than any other religion on Earth.

It was totally countercultural to believe in one God, and all the stars were objects. It was not believed by anyone else. Even though Genesis was written by Moses, Judaism & Christianity were still contrary to everyone’s thinking at that time. This includes the views held by the Western Hemisphere natives.

Many of us create elaborate stories about the world to explain it. Many of these stories today are conspiracies. They all contain traces of mythology. They reflect the rhythms of the seasons as well as the flow of living things.

Democrats have been telling themselves a mythology for over two decades. The mythology became a common tenet. Democrats cannot lose elections if Republicans rig the election system, suppress the vote or cheat. Democrats maintained that the election was stolen in 2000 after Al Gore’s defeat as Vice President. 2004: Democrats claimed Karl Rove had pulled off dirty tricks in Ohio. Terry McAuliffe, Virginia’s governor-elect candidate insists that those elections were stolen.

Stacey Abrams, a former Georgia State Representative, went last week to run for McAuliffe. She claimed she was not “entitled to become Governor of Georgia.” Abrams has, to this day, refused to concede she lost. In fact, Democrats and members of the media still allow Abrams to tell her own “big lie” about her loss. Hillary Clinton also claimed Abrams had won 2018 last week. Clinton insists that Clinton would have won the 2016 election if not for the Russians.

This is their mythology. Actually, Democrats don’t seem to have been so upset by the GOP storming Capitol on January 6. They had been rioting in American cities for over a full year and burning them to ground. Democrats are furious at the Republicans’ cooption of Democrats’ mythology rather than gaining theirs. The GOP is now claiming it wins, except when Democrats steal an election.

The media, subtly comparing Republicans to Nazis, refers to this as “the big lie,” a reference to a phrase Adolf Hitler came up with. This lie has been used by the Democrats for more than 20 years. They believe that their mythology is a way to understand the world in a way that allows them to fall asleep at night as both righteous as they are victims.

It is now fall. Demeter, Zeus’ sister and Hades’ brother by the Greeks was believed to control the seasons. Persephone was her daughter and had married Hades. Persephone would flee her mother each fall. Her mother, in despair, would cause the natural world to become brittle and brown before dying. Persephone would descend, and the leaves would fall. Persephone would ascend from Hades to be with her mother again, and spring would bring about her rebirth.

As another election season starts, Democrats proclaim that the GOP will cheat, lie and steal the next election. They are well aware that the White House party with the most votes tends to lose. The Democrats have already begun spreading their mythology. They do not expect to be defeated by the historical trends, but rather because of Republican theft. They consider it their most sacred legend.

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