The Prosecutor in the Rittenhouse Trial Reaches Peak Absurdity With Closing Argument – Opinion

Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial for killing two Kenosha teens in self defense during the Kenosha Riots. Already, jury instructions have gone out. Closing arguments are currently being prepared.

An impartial observer would see that the prosecution was being prosecuted. has done an absolutely terrible jobAt presenting their case. Perhaps that’s because the case never should have been brought in the first place, but the result is the same — a mockery of the justice system.

But in all the idiocy that’s flown out of ADA Thomas Binger’s mouth, I think we finally reached peak absurdity today. It took a lot of hard work to reach the top. irrelevant questions about video games and laughable commentary about ammo types, but ladies and gentlemen, we’ve made it.

Binger was unable to finish his argument and made many false statements. He tried to argue that self-defense using a gun is never permitted.

Binger attempts to make the argument that you can not claim self-defense against an “unarmed” man. But that’s not at all how this works. It is clear that more people are murdered with fists each year than AR15s. This makes the assumption that the other person must also own a gun to pose a danger. Rosenbaum had threatened Rittenhouse numerous times and was running after the teenager. It was clear that Rosenbaum wanted to chat with the teenage. It is not a legal requirement for someone to let another person beat them. This could lead to serious injuries or even death.

Secondly, Binger makes the absolutely asinine argument that you “lose the right to self-defense” if you have a gun. Under no law that I’m aware of, much less in Wisconsin, are you barred from defending yourself if you happen to be carrying a gun. Rosenbaum was, in fact, a dangerous threat to his life.

Lastly, even amid all the incorrect statements, Binger actually makes Rittenhouse’s defense case for him twice, repeating that the teenager feared Rosenbaum would shoot him when the latter went for the gun. Well yeah, that’s why it’s self-defense.

I don’t know what’s going to happen from here, but I’d be shocked and dismayed if Rittenhouse were found guilty after all this. This goes beyond his personal future. If someone can be convicted of murder for so obviously defending themselves, on video no less, then the right to self-defense truly doesn’t exist anymore. The prosecutor in this case is laughable and should be embarrassed. This is the standard situation of a political hack trying to make someone look good by putting them in jail. He knows he has no case, but he doesn’t care. It’s all just a game for him and justice will prevail.

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