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I’m starting to wonder if there’s an election Beto O’Rourke doesn’t want to be a part of and that then leads to me wondering if he actually wants to be an elected official or if he just likes the figurative beatings he receives during his attempts.

Maybe it’s neither, or maybe it’s both. Either way, O’Rourke is lining himself up against for yet another try at higher office. This time it’s for the governorship of Texas, a state that has maintained a deep level of red despite New Yorkers and Californians making their way here.

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As hilarious as this move is, it betrays the Democrat’s desperation. There is no Democrat in the state that can challenge a Republican, especially Greg Abbott, for the governorship of America’s most popular Republican stronghold. The only one with any name recognition is Beto O’Rourke, a man who made a name for himself failing to run against Texas Senator Ted Cruz where the Democrats threw everything they could at Cruz, including more cash than anyone had seen in a senate race before, and still lost.

After his star faded and his campaign ran low on donations, O’Rourke tried his hand at becoming a presidential candidate. By the time it was over, even Democrats had distanced themselves from O’Rourke, who had turned out to be another cookie-cutter hard-leftist who thought the national platform was his time to let his authoritarianism all hang out. He aimed for AOC’s base, and like most politicians who do, found that they distinctly lack true loyalty…or funds.

Now he must abandon his hard-left rhetoric and continue to run in the state of purple, which is purple at its worst. But even purple is predominantly made up of moderate Democrats. These are Democrats who aren’t into the Green New Deal, which Beto is, nor are they into having their guns seized which, “hell yes,” Beto wants to do, a thing which even Democrat lawmakers wish he hadn’t said. This especially goes for his promise to send law enforcement to people’s homes in order to seize guns, which law enforcement officials openly bashed him over.

These are just a couple of examples of his hard-leftist stances, but it’s stances like these that he’s going to have to take back to Texas and for governor on. His last Texas race ended in failure despite all the left’s horses and all the left’s non-binary footsoldiers couldn’t get Beto’s campaign enough juice to defeat Cruz.

This is on top of the same sins that got O’Rourke in trouble during his run against the Texas senator, including using eminent domain against the poor in El Paso in order to use the land to create development projects that he and his father in law profited from. Even though the New York Times was late to report the story, it was an egregious move. He also repeatedly claimed to have tried to run from his DUI crash. Texas law enforcement was forced to confront him and prove that he did.

All that aside, O’Rourke has still accomplished absolutely nothing in his life. When asked by fellow Democrats what he’s done that’s worthy of note, people had a really hard time naming it.

To be sure, O’Rourke will probably never have a better chance to run for office than now. It is a tense race as Republicans remain divided about the affection they have for Governor Greg Abbott and his handling COVID-19 restrictions. Regardless, his Republican challengers are even facing long-shots in terms of beating him, and given the choice between Abbott and O’Rourke…well, hardly anyone is going to vote for O’Rourke out of spite.

The bottom line is that O’Rourke is more than damaged goods and his sudden appearance on Texas’s gubernatorial stage is a sign that Democrats have absolutely nothing to challenge Republicans with within the state. To be sure, O’Rourke’s name recognition is going to generate hype, and Democrats in concentrated blue areas like San Antonio, Houston, and Austin will be insufferable in their support for him, but Texas is a very big place and most of it is deep red, and moreover, not every Democrat is as far left as O’Rourke has revealed himself to be.

O’Rourke becoming governor of Texas is a shot so long that even Chris Kyle would say it’s too much. This would need a total overhaul. O’Rourke’s statements during the 2020 Democrat primary would have to be memory-holed alongside his dealings in El Paso. Then there’s the problem of O’Rourke’s personality, which is frankly off-putting. O’Rourke speaks but his mouth is open to being moved by someone else. He lacks a genuine personality that could be comparable to Eric Swalwell or Hillary Clinton.

Here is my suggestion: Beto should not be made a reality. This only makes the Democrat Party look desperate.

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