The Press Takes a Decidedly Different Stance Towards the Bidens’ White House Christmas – Opinion

After years of insisting that Trump’s holidays were Halloween-like, this Christmas the media is bluffing.

The national media complex takes vastly different approaches towards the two parties, as it is clear. This imbalance is further highlighted by the disparities in reporting on other matters. It is impossible for them to not reveal their biases, even in the most innocent of events.

At the White House, this week saw the delivery of the official Christmas tree. The Bidens accepted the delivery with the extended family, and the media warmly covered the event — as they should. These activities are sideshows that don’t need to have a larger political effect. These sideshows can provide a welcome dose of normalcy and innocent distractions.

The glowing coverage of this event is expected and a nice time. The change is refreshing, as we have seen negative media coverage about Trump’s approach to Christmas in the past. Even a boycott call was made to the White House Christmas party press conference, which President Trump cancelled for the remainder of his term. These bold and stylish choices by First Lady Melani were met with harsh reactions. Even today, many cannot help but recall painful Christmas memories.

Note the raves for Jill Biden’s stylings before they are even revealed. Mike is desperate to appear on the White House Christmas Card List. 

The need for the press to be uniformly intolerant of the Trumps extended to the holidays and brought a harsh measure of Melania’s decor each year. Journalists wanted to express their disgust so a disapprovaluous Christmas critique was mandatory. Melania’s designs were more like set design from horror movies.

To reflect the holiday, Trump’s first Christmas design consisted mainly of white. It was disliked by many people in the press, who saw it as an ugly and sad display.

Next year’s theme was red with holiday themes and touches. It was not seen as a holiday display, but rather as a horror spectacle in media. Melania Trump didn’t show up to explain her spooky Christmas decorations The Washington Post 2018 stated the same, echoing the sentiments expressed by the media for many years.CNN was forced to suggest There was something creepy about the place. to Melania’s collection of cranberry-covered trees, repeating many of the responses which were negative by rote. The journalists’ uniform responses were quite uncreative, however.

BuzzFeed also participated in the abattoir evaluation, calling it Blood trees in display. A wide range of psychologists have been consulted by The Guardian To weigh in on the entire emotional traumaMelania’s allegedly jarring images elicited similar emotions. 

We see today’s media celebrating Jill Biden, who introduced a new type of decoration to the White House. It is being praised that the First Lady restored a certain level of class as well as tradition.

The report is already in place before any reveal has been made about the décor. Jill Biden has been praised in media outlets in the same fashion as her husband. High marks are given to the First Lady based on her expectations, and not her actual performance. As with everything in this administration’s history, they will be awarded an A-Plus by the media simply because they are not Trump supporters.

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