Biden and Dems Can’t Decide Which Spin to Use for Those Skyrocketing Thanksgiving Prices – Opinion

Today is Thanksgiving! It’s a great day to enjoy family time and I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!

Many folks are sitting down with a beautiful turkey and that’s a great thing.

We had to spend a bit more on the dinner this year, even for the bird, in order to enjoy a nice meal.

Fox News

This year’s classic Thanksgiving feast has jumped more than 14% from last year’s average, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual Thanksgiving dinner cost survey. That’s in large part because the cost of a turkey is up nearly 24% from last year. Labor Department data shows that the price of chicken breasts rose 26% last year. [….]

That, in addition to the highest gas prices the U.S. has seen in seven years, is making this year the most expensive Thanksgiving in the country’s history.

Inflation has reached a record high in the last 30 years.

But the White House and the rest of the Democrats apparently couldn’t get together on their messaging to deflect from the weight of the Biden inflationary smackdown on all of us.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried to minimize the rise in price of the bird as she deflected from a question about Joe Biden spending the holiday on Nantucket at the home of a billionaire from Fox’s Peter Doocy.

“I don’t know if you’ve cooked a turkey before, but a 20-pound turkey is a pretty big turkey. All of us can agree. They’re about one dollar more. So, not to minimize that — any increase in prices is something the President is concerned about, as is evidenced by his announcement today and as his efforts to push forward on additional relief for the American people,” Psaki said. “But I just want to be clear that there are abundance of turkeys available. They’re about one dollar more for a 20-pound bird, which is a huge bird if you’re feeding a very big family. And that’s something that, again, we’ve been working to make sure people have more money in their pockets to address it as the economy is turning back on.”

Notice she avoided answering about the tone-deafness of Biden’s spending Thanksgiving with the billionaire in Nantucket.

While the White House downplayed the rise in prices, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D–MA) tried to claim it was criminal gouging of poultry companies by other food producers.

So if you don’t buy the White House’s argument that there really isn’t a rise in prices, here’s the left’s alternate argument — that the rise in prices is due to the “greedy corporations.” This was similar to what the Biden Administration said about the oil companies. Their overall goal is to denigrate the wealthy and corporations.

Here’s a big question for Warren, Biden, and others who try this kind of an argument: Why are the evil, greedy corporations suddenly more evil this year as opposed to prior years? Why did they wait until now — under Biden — to launch their evil plans?

Warren apparently didn’t even read the story she tweeted about that noted, “Labor and supply-chain challenges have raised costs for companies selling consumer products.” So no, it’s not the evil corporations, it goes back to the issues that Biden hasn’t resolved and/or has made worse with his policies.

Fox News

“You name it, equipment, fuel, labor, everything,” Kyle Scott, who co-owns Old Glory Farm in Wisconsin with his wife, Deanna, told Fox News. “There’s just inflation. Everywhere we look, every direction we turn, everything seems to be more expensive.”

Deanna Scott said: “The price of the poults has gone up. Feed prices have risen, shipping costs increased, and labor cost has risen. And unfortunately, to be turning any kind of profit, the price of the turkey has to go up.” [….]

Meanwhile, Kyle Scott told Fox News: “Now, where everything is just wild inflation and everything is tighter, all the costs that we have that it takes to raise these birds are higher. We must pass these costs on to our customers in order to keep our operations going and to serve them. Otherwise, we won’t be here anymore.”

Instead of blaming greedy corporations or pretending that inflation is temporary, like they have done for months, why not address the root causes? But then Biden and the Democrats would have to address the fact that their policies are bad and that’s what they don’t want to do.

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