The Press Quieted Down on Texas Voting Rights Suppression as the Conflicting Results Came In – Opinion

Texas minorities candidates performed well for a law meant to violate minority voting rights in Texas.

The media cycle is full of it. Hysterical claims are made for a lengthy period, and as those get proven out by data or by direct evidence — by reality — the hysterics evaporate and so does the story. No flood of articles or columns follow up to the tsunami of devastating consequences. Journalists simply continue to work on the next calamity. The situation is similar with regard to the voting rights that were allegedly violated over recent months.

This is not likely to happen in Texas where the Democrats recently held primary elections. Beto O’Rourke won the Democrat nomination for the governor’s race in a landslide. While debate continues over O’Rourke’s Latino credentials, his victory would appear to show that the media insists on his Hispanic roots making this a Hispanic win. It begs the next question: how could this have happened in an area where voting laws promised to completely eliminate smaller populations?

It is not the normal way for media to announce the outcomes from the state. This has led to a lot of confusion. The media loves to celebrate the victories of POC candidates in elections. But, as recent years have shown, these wins do not matter when Republicans support minority candidates. Just think back to Virginia’s last election, in which a female POC candidate was elected as Lieutenant Governor. The first Hispanic attorney general was also chosen. We heard nothing but how racist Virginians were for choosing Glenn Younkin to replace the transparent Terry McAuliffe.

There are a few results from the Texas primaries that the media is not interested in covering. Hispanics are rising in three of the House’s primary races. More were also found in state races such as Janie López in House District 37. While these signs are encouraging, it can be a negative sign for media messaging. 

Why? Consider the following: What has the dominant narrative been over the past year? Recall, states that were inserting voting integrity laws were said to be trampling on voters’ rights, doing so in a racist fashion in order to squelch the voice of minority voters. These minority candidates win defies the prior script. Then there is another facet that derails those prior claims – many of these Latino victories took place in the Republican primaries.

The press can’t explain or refuse to answer how the supposed racist legislation that was intended to strengthen the white stranglehold over political office holders led to an increase in Hispanic victories. What is the secret to those minor victories? The party was alleged to have enacted laws and redrawn areas specifically for the purpose of disenfranchising minority voters. The two-fold contradiction is evident to the intolerant design of the things. This cannot be ignored by the media fast enough.

The overarching issue is one the Democratic Party and press complex turn an oblivious eye towards – the shifting electoral demographics. In the last few elections we’ve seen an increasing number of Hispanic and black voters move to the GOP in support of voting or registration. It appears to be in denial. 

This has been seen by Dems, who attribute these changes to some pockets of outlier influence, in spite of national trends indicating otherwise. The Democrats have continued to push the use of the term “LatinX” in a woke nod to activists despite Hispanics saying in large numbers they resent the usage, and it could influence their decision on candidates. 

We are seeing the gradual reveal of the truth that all the myths we have been told is not actually happening. After much melodramatics, the truthual basis of events takes some time. With these claims about election laws, we are beginning to see that what is being presented in the media is not the reality.

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