The Press Exposes Their Real Problem With Joe Rogan – He’s Beating Them – Opinion

The outrage and opposition to Joe Rogan is all smoke, barely hiding the press’ smoldering jealousy.

In a recent edition of the “Reliable Sources” newsletter, CNN’s entertainment writer, Brian Lowry weighed in with his opinion on the ever-developing controversy over Spotify and Joe Rogan’s podcast. Lowry did not stop at stating Rogan should be removed but still provided the reasons for this.

In his summation of the issue, he states that because of Rogan’s level of success, he is now duty-bound to alter his format and take on a more responsible approach – one that comports to the approved narrative, from media outlets like CNN. The irony of this is that Joe Rogan is required to only use approved talking points and move away from those elements that have helped him become so popular. 

This week’s episode was easy to overlook, but it gave us an amusing dose of contradiction. That is was seen on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” is all the reason to explain why it was lightly regarded – or more accurately, barely watched. On the episode, hostess Mika Brzezinski was dismayed at the punishment ABC delivered to Whoopi Goldberg over her controversial remarks on the air about “Jewish” not being a race. Mika was disturbed by the attempts to silence anybody.

Unsurprisingly, Mika runs face-first with a dissenting voice on this matter – herself. What is the point of having a star on a talk-show when they are so ignorant to something that was promoted by them on the same show less than one week ago? The show’s 10-minute episode features three guests discussing the dangers of this podcaster.

Mika even comments once she will cancel the service…um, Their show’s location.

This follows suit with much of the press’ imbalanced coverage of Rogan. It has taken a concerted effort by journalists to get Rogan removed from Spotify. Take into account the implications. Media professionals who live on free speech are trying to suppress voices they consider to be offensive. This is something that most people wouldn’t have considered possible just a few decades ago.

CNN is particularly notable for the way that it has targeted podcasters as a network. Rogan interviewed Dr. Sanjay Gupta from CNN, which he admitted that the network delivered. False reports about Rogan his medical treatmentHe was tested for COVID. Repeatedly, CNN personality claimsRogan had taken horse deworming medication.Now! They are their personalityThey are pushing to have him removed because of alleged medical misinformation. 


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The result is that half the examples are from the same news source. Let’s add to that Don Lemon, who declared flatly of Rogan, “he says he is taking several medications including a drug meant for deworming livestock.” When he was called out on this blatant lie – or, at best, his stunted ignorance on the medication – Lemon doubled down. When Dr. Gupta was on Lemon’s show, post-Rogan, they both attempted to clean up his, and the network’s statements. 

“Ivermectin is a drug that is commonly used as a horse dewormer. The drug is commonly used for horse deworming. I think that’s important- and it’s not approved for COVID, correct?”

Lemon’s desperation, and that of the collective media, is a direct result of two realities. Second, Joe Rogan can break free from the narrative reservation. He does this successfully. Rogan has discussions and explores subjects, asking people the questions they don’t want answered by the media. Problem is, the very same media that claims we must only listen to doctors is demanding that we listen their unskilled voices about who constitutes an acceptable source. They say to listen to doctors and science and then declare Big Bird as a legitimate source of vaccine information. 

The second reason the press battles Rogan is the primary reason – he is winning. Joe Rogan has between 10 and 11 million podcast listeners. It is the audience journalists and pundits strive to draw. As I noted last week while covering CNN’s failed, Jim Acosta experiment in Chris Cuomo’s old timeslot, Don Lemon has anemic ratings. His performance is so poor that you can see why people are angry about a podcast that should not be considered beneath them and the network.

The latest ratings showed that Don Lemon only drew in just over 500,000 viewers. This means that in order to hit Rogan’s number, you need to total his nightly numbers, five days a week, and it would take a month before he would reach the amount of a single episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience.” And there we see every reason we have journalists pushing to remove this threat to their narratives — and livelihoods.

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