The New York Times Slobbers All Over Liz Cheney and Her Jan. 6 ‘Mission’ – Opinion

Ah, what can we say about Wyoming “Republican” Representative Liz Cheney?

If you’re a Republican (with the exception of dissenters), you rip Cheney to absolute shreds for her staunch anti-Trumpism and gleeful participation on Nancy Pelosi’s “illegitimate” January 6 Committee.

But if you’re The New York Times you publish a pathetic article (a slobbering love letter, as it were), effusively praising the embattled lawmaker for her “measured voice, belying the outrage she feels,” and becoming Trump’s “most prominent antagonist.” (Spoiler: it gets worse.)

The Times reported that Cheney is now the unlikely hero among many people who used to mock her dad Dick Cheney. She has also become a pariah for fellow Republicans she worked with. Either way, Liz Cheney has all but destroyed her chances of continuing her political career — unless she leaves the GOP and officially comes out of the Democrat closet.

How are you convicted? Is Cheney, despite the regular blistering she receives from the predictable for her “disloyalty”? The Times quotes: This convicted:

I believe this is the most important thing I’ve ever done professionally, and maybe the most important thing I ever do.

Hence the polarization of America’s opinion of Dick Cheney’s Trump-loathing daughter.

Let’s dip into The Times’ love letter for a few choice snippets. (Emphasis, mine.)

Covid-19 has taken the Chairman of the House Jan.6 Committee with him. So after giving opening remarks by video when the panel convenes its final scheduled prime-time hearing of the summer on Thursday night, he will turn the gavel over to Representative Liz Cheney. For all intents, however, It has always been Liz Cheney’s show.

After six weeks’ worth of televised hearings, this season of reckoning has seen her emerge as The chief accuser and lead narrator coaxed reluctant ex-officials to speak out, issuing harsh warnings about witness tampering, and retelling the tale one shocking fact at a. to argue that former President Donald J. Trump betrayed the Constitution out of hunger for power.

She speaks with a calm voice and is not outraged.Ms. Cheney has confronted the leader of her party and called out those who enabled him, becoming Mr. Trump’s most prominent antagonist even as the Justice Department takes its time considering what to do and President Biden largely sits on the sidelines.

In response to The Times, Cheney didn’t disappoint the left:

I don’t look at it through a political lens, I look at it through the angle of people need to understand how dangerous he is and how unfit for office he is. I believe this is the most important thing I’ve ever done professionally” and maybe the most important thing I ever do.

Well, it could be. but even “maybe-er”So, Cheney, according to all polls, will have her ass given to her at the Wyoming primary on August 23rd. (More, later.)

The Times suggested the Democrat fix was in from the beginning to “thrust” Cheney front and center.”

No accident, Ms. Cheney is now the most well-known questioner and presenter of the 7 Democrats/2 Republicans committee.

While she was an American Republican before Donald Trump, she supported many of his policies and voted twice for him.

For most of her actions, she is as conservative and conservative as ever. This makes it more difficult to dismiss the investigation for being a liberal, partisan witch-hunt.

Which made it even more challenging? Pelosi’s anticlimatic “show trial” has pretty much been a Democrat nothingburger, and the notion of Liz Cheney remaining “conservative as ever” is laugh-out-loud ridiculous.

The televised hearing ratings are also falling as fast as Joe Biden’s.

Predictably, Trump — who is incapable of refraining from sophomoric name-calling — and Trump loyalists branded Cheney a “traitor,” at least as far back as the first House impeachment of Trump. As noted by The Times, Trump has lashed out at Cheney on social media multiple times, including calling her “a despicable human being.”

As the hearings have continued, gushed the Times, Cheney has “become a household name as never before,” and is often stopped in airports for “selfies or a handshake.” Said Cheney:

It’s almost entirely friendly and really moving. All political parties have people who thank you, particularly young people.

Of her work with Democrats on the committee — that “traitor” thing — Cheney told The Times “I’m sure it’s as weird for them as it is for me.” She has grown close to some of them, The Times noted, including despicable Maryland representative, Jamie Raskin.

Cheney claims that the committee Democrats made a joke about Cheney’s inability to wait until they could disagree again. “That’ll mean our politics have righted themselves,” Cheney said.

I’m not sure when our politics will “right themselves,” or what it will look like when — or if — that happens, but I’m It’s pretty certain Liz Cheney won’t be around to play her games by then.

The Casper Star-Tribune’s largest newspaper, Wyoming found that Trump-backed Harriet Hageman was 22 points ahead of the struggling incumbent in a poll taken mid-July.

But, hey; given Cheney’s probable beatdown in next month’s primary, there’s always a gig on MSNBC — or maybe as the token “Republican” on “The View.”

Either way, I’m sure Liz Cheney’s future career will more closely suit her.

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