The Moloch List: These Firms Will Spring for Workers’ Out-of-State Abortions

What is the employment benefit of abortion? Working for the right company is a good idea. Whether the Dobbs decision reverses Roe v. Wade or not, the left’s meltdown over the draft decision has offered some big corporations a new way to virtue signal. They’re boasting that if employees must travel out of state to obtain legal abortions, the companies will pick up the travel costs. 

So far, they’re mostly the Big Tech usual suspects, but some other industries represented on the Moloch List. This list may not be complete and infanticide subsidies will only continue growing. According to Reuters, the online retail giant will pay “up to $4,000 in travel expenses annually, beginning Jan. 1, 2023, retroactively in states where the procedure is not available within 100 miles of an employee’s home.” 

Amalgamated bank: The union-owned bank will pay travel expenses “for employees and their dependents who need to travel out of state to access reproductive health care.” 

Apple. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple’s healthcare coverage covers travel costs and abortion services. That’s significant because Apple is expanding in Austin, Texas.

Bumble: Here’s a company that’s trying to be woker than thou:

Citigroup: The company said in its 2022 proxy statement that, “in response to changes in reproductive healthcare laws in certain states,” it would “provide travel benefits to facilitate access to adequate resources” to abort babies. 

DoorDash: Employees enrolled in the company’s healthhealth plan can be reimbursed for travel out of state for abortions. 

Levi Strauss & Co.: On May 4 the jeans maker said current employees are “eligible for reimbursement for healthcare-related travel expenses for services not available in their home state, including those related to reproductive health care and abortion.”

Lyft: Lyft CEO Logan Green tweets April:

Match Group The owner of has a fund for Texas workers impacted by the state’s recent abortion law.

Microsoft: The company will “support employees and their enrolled dependents in accessing critical health care — which already includes services like abortion and gender-affirming care — regardless of where they live across the U.S.” “Gender-affirming care.” How virtuous.

Salesforce: The company will go the other one better and get you out of the backward place you live. In a company Slack message, it said “If you have concerns about access to reproductive healthcare in your state, Salesforce will help relocate you and members of your immediate family.”

Tesla: The car makers has a Safety Net program includes, “travel and lodging support for those who may need to seek healthcare services that are unavailable in their home state.”

United Talent Agency Variety says the company will pick up travel expenses “related to receiving women’s reproductive health services that are not accessible in their state of residence.”

Yelp: Travel expenses for 200 employees of the review service who reside in Texas will be covered by the company.

More to follow…

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