ESPN Attempts to Cancel Kentucky Derby-Winning Trainer Over ‘Mean Tweets’ – Opinion

ESPN wants to make some pointless comments by using an old tweet regarding Kamala Harris.

The Kentucky Derby was a historic event when an enormous fill-in horse, long-shot and unbeaten, managed to make history. And pull off an upset winChurchill Downs is in Louisville. Rich Strike was on nobody’s radar, yet managed the second-biggest upset in the history of the Derby. This finish brought all things connected with the horse to national attention. Eric Reed has been praised for his outstanding focus on the sport, as have the trainer and owners.

Reed spoke with ESPN about the race and its aftermath. Well, it was for the most part. On the sports documentary show “Outside The Lines,” host John Barr had a trap he thought he could set for Reed. Barr asks Reed if he can explain a comment about the Vice President for the United States during their conversation. 

 “I have to ask you – was that your actual account and was that a tweet from you – and if so, what do you have to say about that?”

SeriouslyJohn, now you HaveTo ask the question:! 

This question is not necessary. It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the race, the result, the machinations at his business, nor any of Reed’s activities within the sport. It was an attempt to create some controversy about the Biden administration and to try to cancel Reed. Only the bias operators within the broadcast spectrum can see the reason.

Barr’s tweet is from January. Sebastian Gorka put out a tweet where he rhetorically asked: what were Kamala Harris’ qualifications to be Vice President? From the account believed to be Eric Reed’s (the account was locked, as of press time), there was a possibly disparaging, off-color remark about the Vice President. This is all that could be wrong. 

Reed was, however, not interested in the topic. The question was not something he hesitated to answer and he moved on without getting into more detail. Barr understood that it was an inane topic.

“Haven’t been told about it. I don’t know what’s going on out there. I’m more concerned with Richie and what’s going on with us and this great horse, and how much he’s helping everybody. So, there’s haters out there, and that’s about how I’m gonna leave something like that.”

What is apparent is that someone at ESPN discovered that Reed was a conservative/Republican, and that this was to become something for Barr and the program to target. Reed was interviewed by a webcam, which was located in his office. On the wall are racing plaques and other signs, there is a photo of President Trump.

This video is an excellent example of the deplorable state that journalism has fallen into. The bias and partisanship is hardly reserved to the political outlets, and ESPN has clearly, in recent years, made it known the corporate positions held are left of center–and those of many of the on-air hosts are even further out than that. 

This interrogation attempt came out of that network’s alleged hard news division. “Outside The Lines” has long fashioned itself as almost a sports version of “60 Minutes,” delving into more serious matters concerning the sports leagues and athletics. However, this was a tabloid journalist attempt to make a story out of nothing.

This is all you have to do. Even if Reed had tweeted an affronting comment about Trump, McConnell, or other prominent conservatives, that would have been irrelevant to his accomplishments and the race. 

The only difference possibly–if it had been a conservative figure–is that the only comments from ESPN would likely have been made off-camera, and be congratulatory in nature.

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