The Lincoln Project Swings at Trump and Accidentally Coldcocks Biden – Opinion

Poor Lincoln Project. I mean, put yourself in the shoes — just for a nanosecond — of these stage-4, Trump Derangement Syndrome riddled, self-proclaimed “conservative” saviors of America.

While the Lincoln Project’s unbridled hatred of Donald Trump possibly aided Joe Biden in 2020, the bitter anti-Trumpers and their clown-car hood ornament George Conway, the on-the-rocks husband of former Trump White House mouthpiece Kelleyanne Conway, now find themselves facing the once-unthinkable:

Donald Trump could very well be back to fight again.

In a national survey released early July, Trump led Biden by 44 percent to 39% in a head to head matchup. Another 12 percent said they would vote for another candidate. Similar results were found in similar surveys.

But it gets worse.

As America’s disastrous experiment with Joe Biden excruciatingly drags on, with his seemingly bottomed-out approval rating continuing to sink even further, and 88 percent of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track under the “leadership” [ROFL emoji] of arguably the worst president in history, the bitter anti-Trump group on Saturday posted the following delusional — though hilarious — tweet.

Trump represents the very worst America and is an affront to democracy.

The gang of delusional wishful thinking. Absolutely nothing.

Um, guys? One simple tweet asked the only question necessary — in just six words:

Are you familiar with the man?

This Course George Conway & Co. have seen the other guy.

What matters is what the other guy thinks It is notWe are all TDS-infected.

Bottom line:

The other guy doesn’t matter. It would be irrelevant to these clowns for Biden, a mentally incompetent 79 year-old man, to be replaced by Kamala Harris the queen of word salads.

Why would you not?

Because Donald Trump is the most dangerous, diabolic creature on the face of the earth; the Devil’s own spawn, as it were. The tweet by the Lincoln Project was a pathetic display of desperation and panic.

If the devilish creature was to appear, Does return make sense? — regardless of one’s opinion of Donald Trump — the gripping terror and gnashing of teeth among the Trump loathers will be epic as hell.

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