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Following the passage of the rather hilariously named Inflation Reduction Act — passed by Senate Democrats with a never-to-be-forgotten tie-breaking yay from VP Harris herself — pundits paying attention told us the news: the new legislation would increase the workforce at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by something like 92%. The Biden administration is looking to hire 86852 IRS employees.

It’s not wise, but it is possible. That is exactly what the 50 Senate Democrats did with Kamala Harris (tiebreaking Vice President) when they passed Inflation Reduction Act. This bill gives approximately $80 billion to IRS from now through 2031. (The name, “Inflation Reduction Act,” was a ruse to convince gullible voters that Democrats are actually doing something about inflation. It includes expensive climate legislation, prescription drug provisions and tax increases. The bill also contains the proposal to improve IRS enforcement.

For context, a helpful Twitter account gave us an idea of just what that kind of manpower — all dedicated to making sure the federal government gets the money they say you owe them — looks like. Prepare to have your eyes opened…it’ll be uncomfortable.

That’s a helluva an image. It’s just in time to football season. This is especially important when you consider that IRS agents who are located in the criminal section can be arm themselves. The agency also posted a job listing, which was strangely removed but is still available because the internet is forever), promoting the gun thing. It is strange to place such emphasis in a moment when gun control party holds all the power levers.

It is all set against the background of this crime-fighting force. The news is that, in just 4 months 2022, the IRS spent more on ammunition than it usually did over entire years of previous administrations.

On July 1, Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) introduced the “Disarm the IRS Act,” which would prohibit the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from acquiring ammunition.

The IRS informed VERIFY by email that between March 1, and June 1, 2022 the IRS’ criminal division ordered $696,000 worth of ammunition.

The order was for the IRS Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) division, which is a federal law enforcement agency that conducts criminal investigations including tax violations, money laundering, cyber crimes, and organized crime involving drugs and gangs. This division is home to more than 2,000 special agents sworn.

“Many of these cases are typically worked in conjunction with other state and federal law enforcement agencies. IRS-CI special agents have been carrying firearms throughout the more than 100-year history of the agency, and have found themselves dealing with some of the most dangerous criminals,” an IRS spokesperson told VERIFY.

And of course it’s wise to believe, despite protestations from the White House press conference podium, that all this firepower is intended for more than just keeping the small number of ultra-wealthy paying their “fair share.”

After all, the ACTUAL federal police force isn’t doing so well after making the overzealous decision to raid a former President’s home in what looks like a frighteningly political move. And, should the GOP regain power in November, the FBI — unless they come us with a really compelling reason unconnected to what looks like Democrat leadership intimidation tactics — may find themselves scattered to the wind.

Do Democrats have the right to lay the foundations for a new, armed IRS that will replace an inefficient FBI? Americans will need to watch and wait, just like in politics. There’s little else to be done at the current moment. But the question, while we’re waiting for the real answer is: would you put it past them? Most Americans, watching events play out over the last few years, wouldn’t either.

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