The Front-Runner for the Most Nonsensical Ukraine Take Emerges – Opinion

More than a few terrible things have happened as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But what’s the worst one? Candace Owens citing Vladimir Putin’s speechRussia being justified as proof is obvious on this list. The Daily Wire’s host clarified her position later, saying that she was more ignorant than malicious in making this assertion.

There are also those who know better, but still rush to make nonsense to try to fit the Ukraine situation into their far-left, woke worldview.

Enter Nikole Hayne-Jones. She is the founder of the error-ridden 1619 Project. According to her, the real problem with Western support for Ukraine is that it’s upholding a dog-whistling social construct that is meant to get us to care because white people are suffering.

Take a deep breath and take it all in.

There’s so much wrong here that it’s hard to know where to begin.

Let’s go with the modern implications first. Clearly, it is false that the Western world only cares about countries that are “like them.” The United States and the European Union, for all their flaws in dealing with geopolitics, spend incredibly large amounts of money in Africa and Asia every year helping people. This is also true of private charities. Are we just all rabid racists awaiting a whistle to take care of Ukraine, or does the West deserve credit?

Further, I seem to recall Americans caring so much about the fall of Afghanistan that the tragedy has led to the collapse of Joe Biden’s presidency. Is Afghanistan part of Europe and I just wasn’t aware? There has also been a consistent outcry against China’s atrocities. Are China and Europe part of one another? Hannah-Jones’ claim falls flat on its face on the basis of those realities alone. Evidently, Europe’s existence is not the reason for concern about Ukraine.

Besides, Ukraine is not “like us” if the comparison is to contemporary Europe. It’s a poor nation with an income per capita of less than $2200. The country’s past is full of oppression, and its culture is more traditional than many. Are their hardships not considered because they happen be white?

The idea that Europe was created as a dog-whistle is false. Europe and Asia were separated in the 6th Century BC. I don’t think the Greek geographers involved in that were too concerned about racist dog-whistles in 2022. Hannah Jones gets paid well to give such an excellent analysis.

Honestly, what kind of depraved person is so obsessed with racial essentialism that they’d try to turn the conflict in Ukraine into a false, woke history lesson? Women and children are among the many people who are currently in danger. Putin’s aggression is clearly unjustified. Shouldn’t that be enough? Hannah-Jones is a grifter and constantly prepares for the next one. She senses danger from every situation that could threaten her high-ranking victim status. This is a depressing, shallow way of thinking.

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