The Fox ‘Obsession’ With Disney Is Covered Obsessively by CNN, as They Ignore Their Own Coverage – Opinion

“How DARE Fox imply that Disney has a pedophile problem…as we reported on…”

It is an old joke that FoxNews’ Brian Stelter, and Boy Wonder Oliver Darcy his ward are so focused on the news, they don’t even notice it. Thus, it is with little surprise that we see them intently covering the latest focus from Fox, and with large amusement at how oblivious they’ve become in the process.

Reporting from the Fox Cave, Stelter & Darcy have detailed how extensive the focus on the entertainment conglomerate has been, and yes, it can be argued that Fox has been a bit excessive in that focus. However, this undynamic team also fails to notice that their obsessions are not surprising. 

They have talked about Fox and Disney for weeks. On Wednesday, Darcy wrote about how conservative media is “Demonizing Disney.”  Then on Friday, Darcy wrote the Trustworthy SourcesSubscribe to our newsletterIn which the melodramatics take full advantage. “Fox News continues to attack Disney” about the Florida Law, Ollie writes, in his usual calm fashion. Then he gives his opinion, giving the drama and not necessarily the evidence. Ollie describes this type of coverage as “It is truly dark.

The right-wing talk network has in recent days portrayed Disney as a “creepy” company aiming to sexualize young children and indoctrinate them with a radical LGBTQ agenda. That’s not to say all of the commentary has been this explicit or fallen under this umbrella. But the general tenor of the network’s coverage has been in this vein. 

Brian wrote in his Sunday newsletter about the fight between Ron DeSantis (Disney) and Brian. Trustworthy SourcesBrian organized a panel discussion to address the issue of LGBTQ rights being criticized by right-wing media. It is not surprising that no conservatives were present considering the premise.

We got more clips from the partisan couple, but the drama comes to an end with this Stelter clip, in which he discusses Fox’s coverage. You might be able to pick up the very unsubtle condescension of Brian.

The most funny thing about Brian’s delivery is not his smug condescension (which is another source of mirth), but rather his obvious ignorance that Disney has a long history. The company has come under fire in the past over its problems with pedophiles within the company – as reported by CNN. 

Brian, yes, your attention is on Fox. But you don’t seem to be aware that this issue has been covered by your outlet. Repeatedly. 


Und As recently as this monthMore Disney employees became victims to a child sex predator and human trafficking sting. Fox, however?! 

On Anderson Cooper’s AC360 program, he had a lengthy segment on this topic, the result of a six-month CNN investigation into theme park workers involved in pedophile stings. As Brian Stelter is dismayed that Fox News would take this approach towards Disney with a nod toward people with children, you have to chuckle and shake your head as you listen to Cooper say, “Parents will want to be attentive to the next story.

Yes, Brian – the temerity of Fox to suggest there is an issue with this company on this level. How did they come up with such an idea? Perhaps it’s because CNN recently exposed child predators that CNN’s on-air talent is reticent to report on this topic.

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