The Demand For Private Jets Is On The Rise – Here’s Why

COVID-19 has affected both holidays and air travel. However, the private jet industry has experienced a mini-boom, with many customers experiencing private flights for the first time. Families of all sizes and even pets opt for the private route, as it is no longer exclusive to the rich and famous. You may be traveling to see loved ones, visiting a second home, or simply wanting minimal interaction with other passengers when you charter a private flight.

The people who are new to private jets or do not use them regularly are the people who previously flew business-class and first-class on commercial airlines before the pandemic. In addition to an increase in leisure bookings, private jet travel has also become more popular among families. Here are some of the reasons that have led to the rise in demand.

Restriction on Commercial Flights

Travel bans, restrictions on social interaction, and a sudden halt in commercial air traffic adversely affected airline players’ revenue and margin. Because of this, the global aviation industry has dealt with a particularly challenging blow and has had to prepare for turbulent times. The need for social distancing played a significant role in the increase in demand for private flights following the lockdown. Most of the flights taken in the past year were personal rather than business-related. As well as family vacations and visits to second homes.

Social Distancing Onboard

The social distancing offered aboard private jets is unparalleled in addition to being smaller than commercial aircraft. Private aircraft transport fewer passengers and staff. The benefit of this is improved privacy as well as a reduction in the spread of infectious diseases. Furthermore, with private jet chartering, you are in charge of traveling with you when you hire a private aircraft. Most private jet rental companies provide photos of the interiors of the aircraft and seat maps so that you can evaluate the configuration before traveling.

Crowd Avoidance

When you travel by private plane, you avoid the large crowds encountered on commercial flights. Rather than flying into and out of a large airport that accommodates thousands of flights every day, you would instead use smaller airports with significantly lower traffic volumes whenever possible. As a result, you will minimize germ exposure on the ground and in the air.

Stress-Free Security Checks

Flying private alters the game in terms of security. The TSA screening line will not be crowded, and you will not have to take your shoes off or walk over germ-infested airport floors. You will be escorted by the aircraft crew to the vessel and undergo a security screening by viewing your photo ID and answering screening questions.

Access to Ground Transportation

Companies offering private jet charter services provide concierge services to help you get to and from the airport more quickly and comfortably. Therefore, there is no need to wait in line for a taxi or Uber, which translates into less contact with germs. Another advantage of private aviation is that you can park much closer to the terminal if you drive yourself to the airport. Consequently, exposure to others is limited at an even greater level.

Proper Disinfection

Regular deep cleaning and disinfection of private jets are conducted following CDC recommendations. There are disinfectants used by charter companies that the EPA has approved, and these disinfectants eliminate the germs that cause COVID-19. The disinfectants are used on frequently touched surfaces. Before anyone boards a private aircraft, every aspect of the aircraft is thoroughly sanitized, including the cockpit, galley, restrooms, and the seats in the cabin.

Faster and Flexible

It is not only the aspect of safety that attracts clients. Various charter companies rely on a team of highly qualified experts and the latest technology to react quickly to changes in regulations and contact hundreds of different aircraft types and owners in a matter of seconds. There are restrictions applicable to private jet charter flights in the same way they apply to commercial aviation. Nevertheless, you can fly directly to airports that commercial airlines cannot reach and can reach your destination faster without taking lengthy connecting flights.

Flying private during this worldwide pandemic outbreak is a practical, convenient, and highly safe alternative. It has come a long way from simple luxury to a reliable, highly secure, and flexible way to travel for business and pleasure. You get to enjoy a hassle-free, convenient service, where the charter service company takes care of all the details despite the ever-changing restrictions. Flying private is flexible, so it works according to your schedule, and it’s not as expensive as you might expect. In a lot of cases, you can save time and money. 

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