The Dangerous Scapegoating of the ‘Unvaccinated’ Reaches Ridiculous New Levels – RedState

Every terrible president needs a scapegoat for the results of their awful policies, and Joe Biden thinks he’s found his — the unvaccinated.

For months now, Biden has spoken of those who haven’t gotten the COVID vaccine as not only second-class citizens but also as some kind of immoral scum worthy of rebuke and scorn. We saw that perfectly illustrated in his speech announcing a federal vaccine mandate for private businesses (which hasn’t actually materialized) in which the president threatened the unvaccinated, said his patience toward them is running out, and blamed them for all of life’s ills.

Did you stub your toes last night? That’s the fault of the unvaccinated. Joe Biden has low approval ratings They are responsible for the high number of unvaccinated. Think I’m kidding? Here’s was the White House’s line today.

Two parts of this story are the absurdity, and one part is the danger.

On the first front, it’s clearly idiotic to suggest that disapproval of Joe Biden is somehow caused by people not getting vaccinated. Given the president is for mandates, it would logically follow that he would not be blamed for people who ultimately don’t choose to get the COVID shots. Psaki may be thinking more broadly than usual when she makes her absurd scapegoat.

Biden is being accused of economic woes that are making him less productive. If everyone were to get vaccinated, then it would be unlikely that such economic woes exist. But that doesn’t follow at all given the lowest unemployment rates are almost exclusively in red states that lack heavy mitigation and mandates. In other words, any economic issues that are being hung around Biden’s neck are self-inflicted by nonsensical policies. These problems could be solved tomorrow if we exercise common sense, and halt the war against the unvaccinated.

It’s absolutely farcical for the White House to keep blaming the unvaccinated for all their woes. They aren’t responsible for foreign policy catastrophes. They aren’t responsible for the nation’s massive inflationary boom. They certainly aren’t at fault for the border crisis. Everything that is dragging Biden’s approval down has nothing to do with vaccination status.

Lastly, it’s dangerous to demonize a group of people the way the White House is doing here. These divisions are deep and can be stoked to lead to violence. Science has shown that anyone can spread COVID. Therefore, there’s no need to isolate or single out any person regarding vaccination status. You can assess your individual risk and make a decision about how to act. Not to mention the reality of natural immunity in so many who haven’t gotten the shots, but I digress.

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