The COVID-19 Narrative Shifts Again, as the Grifters Look for Their Next Score – Opinion

The emergence of the Omicron variant has represented a unique challenge for the world’s COVID-19 grifters. One hand, fear-mongers have enjoyed the enormous rise in transmission rates. Social media is littered with constant updates about coronavirus infection rates. These are usually presented in frightening-looking percentage increase.

Omicron’s milder variant than all others means Omicron has a lower chance of causing severe complications (i.e. These hystericals rely on Omicron to help them make their cases. However, the severity of these events (e.g. ICU stays and deaths) is far less severe than those from prior variants. That’s not to say no one is dying, but the seven-day average of deaths is less than half of what it was during the 2020-2021 winter wave despite cases being far higher. In comparison, hospitalizations have also fallen.

Thus, the narrative must change, otherwise, people might actually go back to living their lives instead of listening to way-too-online crackpots with “Dr.” next to their name. With that in mind, I made a prediction a little over a week ago that we’d see a shift to pushing the threat of “long COVID” in light of the reality of Omicron’s lack of virulence.

And sure enough, Eric Feigl-Ding, one of the top COVID grifters out there, has made the move to predicting the end of society due to “brain damage” from “long COVID.” These people are as predictable as the sun rising.

What exactly is “long COVID”? It’s difficult to find a reliable, evidence-based explanation. It’s typically described as a set of symptoms that could possibly be caused by the lingering effects of previously having the coronavirus. What is the problem? These symptoms (brain fog and low energy) could be caused by many other ailments. These symptoms (brain fog, low energy, etc.) are very generic and could either be caused by many other conditions or nothing.

For example, as RedState reported months ago, a study out of the UK examined “long COVID” in children. Amazingly, results from the study showed that children in the “long COVID” control group, i.e. those who never even had COVID) had a higher prevalence of “long COVID” symptoms than those who had actually been infected at the four-week and 12-week intervals of the study.

How does it tell you anything? Well, it seems to suggest that “long COVID” could very often just be people being human. The human body is prone to feeling sick and having headaches. Everybody gets sick from time to another. It is extremely doubtful to assign each of the previous ills a patient has suffered to an earlier COVID infection.

And that’s what makes it the absolute perfect scam for clowns like Feigl-Ding. He doesn’t have to actually prove that “long COVID” is highly prevalent and a serious issue. You don’t need to be concerned about case numbers and evidentiary stats. Rather, he can simply assert an entire basket of common ailments — that likely have nothing to do with the coronavirus — are a result of “long COVID” and then demand you prove a negative. That’s quite the setup, isn’t it?

They will not let the pandemic go, even though Omicron appears to be its end. The COVID Hysteria gives too much power to people who would otherwise have no. That means the grift will go on — unless you say enough is enough.

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