The Canadian Convoy Has Stolen the Hearts of the People and the Media Is Not Taking It Well – Opinion

Media cannot accept the reality that they have lost the story about Canadian trucker protestors. Take a look at MSNBC’s reaction.

The trucker convoy protest has been making its way through Canada’s capital city of Ottawa and has become the largest in history spanning an astounding 45 miles. It is the central theme of the protest, which is about Canadians refusing to accept the lockdown mandates, government vaccinations and masks as well as the need for westerners to be free from the control of one man’s leftist agendas. Canadians from all walks of life came together to support the convoy on the weekend.

The media was content to never speak of the convoy — unless it was to demonize it — as it was proof-positive that the people are not with them, the politicians they serve, or the ideology they support, despite all their claims to the contrary. They had to recognize that there was a large gathering of truckers over the weekend.

Acknowledge it they did, but you could tell they weren’t happy about it, and consistently attempted to make them out to be the villains.

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brazezinski, Morning Joe’s hosts, spent an entire segment bashing the convoy. Brzezinski, arms folded and head shaking, described how the convoy escalated in reports of vandalism and severe criminal behavior including “the desecration of national monuments.”

Twitter also served as a platform for her to share a tweet in which she claimed that protesters were demanding free soup at a soup-kitchen. However, the kitchen refused to allow conflict to continue.

“So these anti-vaxxers actually took food from the mouths of the homeless?” asked Scarborough.

Scarborough mocked the rallie-goers for refusing to vaccinate while protesting vaccine mandates. Scarborough fired back at the notion that the people involved have any religious convictions.

“This. Is. A. Cult,” Scarborough finished.

Weird. It would seem strange that people would consider Dr. Anthony Fauci a cult if they have a near religious adherence to his decisions and words. Prayer candles can be bought. Even though each virus variant is becoming less and less dangerous, leftists like the Scarboroughs continue to advocate for vaccines, masks and lockdown mandates.

What you’re seeing from the Morning Joe hosts is desperation and anger over having lost control of the narrative. There is nothing they can do except make unsubstantiated claims that a convoy member pressured a soup kitchen to give them soup. Perhaps there were demands and soup was handed over, but the media hasn’t seemed interested in getting details about who is making the demands, which is a red flag already.

This is an excellent example of biased media that leans heavily to the right. Your daily dose of nonsense served up as “reporting” for the people.

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