Editor’s Pick: Hot Air on Psaki Dismissing Crime Concerns

On Monday, Hot Air Senior Editor Ed Morrissey reported on White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki trying “to shrug off American voters’ concerns over sharply increasing crime rates, especially in cities where prosecutors have taken up radical ‘reform’ by refusing to prosecute criminals.” He noted how: “When asked about the current political environment, Psaki tried to make concerns over crime only a figment of Fox’s imagination in their ‘alternate universe.’”

Morrissey then cited a series of reports from media outlets beyond Fox News – CBS News, CNN, and The New York Times – all reporting on the very real surge in violent crime across the country. He concluded that “The real purpose of Psaki’s scoffing appears to be an attempt to deflect blame from local prosecutors elected by progressive activists” and “instead comes off as a sneering attempt at gaslighting by pretending crime rates aren’t going up and that voters have no real security concerns in their communities.”

Hot Air has the complete article.

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