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Biden has spent most of his time at power responding to news reports rather than developing sound policy that can be applied to any crisis America has faced in the last two decades.

They have had disastrous results. They kept intact senseless COVID-19 mitigation protocol protocols, which have had very little or no effect on spreading and only hurt Americans (especially children). They claim that money can be spent to repair the economy. They refuse to admit their part in the rising gas prices, inflation and a shortage of baby formula, among other things.

It is not all good news for the future administration which faces a potential record-breaking red wave in the midterm elections.

Because of their inability to actually come up with reasonable policies, the administration has chosen theater rather than governance to show the American people they’re doing what they can to help. Take this weekend’s absolutely pathetic attempt to spin the formula issue.

That’s left the Biden administration scrambling, invoking the Defense Production Act and ordering the military to fly in baby formula from Europe. Now, the White House is looking to claim credit for what little difference those things might make, and it’s a pathetic showing.


Yet, what truly sent things into a spiral was an FDA recall at the Abbott plant in Michigan, which produces a large amount of the nation’s baby formula. Even though it was clear that the product had not caused any illness in the babies, the FDA refused to renew the certification of the facility for several months. That led to a massive shortage across the country that Biden is now trying to “fix” today by spending more taxpayer money, which in turn creates more inflation.

It takes only the Biden administration to announce that they have lifted all restrictions on importation from the U.S. of baby formula and are cutting regulatory red tape which makes it difficult to import. It opens the marketplace to foreign formula instantly and alleviates the problem. But instead, they choose to launch an “operation” that makes it look as though they are on the front lines fighting a crisis they themselves created.

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You can also look back to November’s initial spikes in the oil and gas price. As people began to feel the pressure at the pump, the Biden administration did nothing until even friendly media outlets couldn’t help but report it. The Biden administration’s response? Send in the Federal Trade Commission to threaten to investigate “anti-consumer practices.” These tactics from the Biden administration continued into March.

When Biden’s former boss, President Barack Obama, was in charge, he was famous for telling the media “We learned about it when you did” when a damning story came out. Biden’s administration went one further, being exposed openly as flat-footed throughout the process. They must react to being called out. Friendly media outletsThey are known for being inconsistent and inaction-prone. These stories led them to write letters and take off for Germany.

Wonderful work.

Biden’s administration is incapable of handling any crisis using any form of governance. They play theater, create hashtags and distract from crises. The crises are only getting worse.

This is also why Joe Biden’s polling has been so terrible. His administration is seen as making the inflation problem worse with the money it shoveled into the economy, and they’re also seen as being absolute no-shows where every other issue is concerned. It’s so bad that Hispanic voters have the most unfavorable view of the Biden administration and Biden’s support among black voters has dropped 20 points.

These signs are indicative of an impending apocalypse in electoral politics. Focusing on Donald Trump and abortion or January 6 is not helpful. It’s only making the situation worse. They are out of touch, and the performance art isn’t swaying anyone.

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