National School Board Association Draft Letter Asked Biden for Military to Get Involved Against Parents – Opinion

If you’re wondering if parents are having an effect on the nation’s public schools, here’s your answer. Parents are consistently taking radical leftist school board members to task across the country. They either vote them out or take over, depending on whether they’re trying to silence parents.

The children began to write letters. One asked for the government to investigate the parents and that the military be involved.

Fox News reports that the National School Board Association demanded, in an early draft, that the White House send the Army National Guard (and the military police) to school board meetings.

In contrast to the final version, the draft of the NSBA letter said, “We ask that the Army National Guard and its Military Police be deployed to certain school districts and related events where students and school personnel have been subjected to acts and threats of violence.”

The NSBA had originally sent a letter to President Biden in September 2021 that asked for parents protesting at school board meetings to be federally looked into, saying school officials were facing threats and violence at meetings. Most significantly the NSBA requested in its original letter that parents’ actions should be examined under the Patriot Act as “domestic terrorists.”

Then, on Oct. 4, Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memorandum instructing the FBI to collaborate with state and local leaders to address “threats against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff.” He went on to say that this collaboration “will open dedicated lines of communication for threat reporting, assessment, and response.”

While I’m sure some of these people are receiving threats or harassment, I’m also pretty sure it’s not the parents of the school boards that are doing it, and moreover, they’re few and far between. Reuters discovered 220 threats, but they insist that the letters came from out-of state actors. Many of them were directed to Brenda Sheridan from Loudon County in Virginia. The story was made a national sensation thanks to the tireless efforts of the school board to hide the indoctrination of leftist students and the rape a girl by a transgender teenager.

Loudon County became the epicenter of a cultural bomb that would decimate school boards across America. Angry parents rose up against school boards and took control. With so much publicity, it’s highly likely that they would receive letters from anonymous individuals making threats. It’s a tale as old as time.

But the central point is that the one’s making these threats are highly likely, not the parents, and it’s also highly likely that the NSBA knows this. The point of the military getting involved isn’t for the protection of the school boards, or at least, not wholly. People with guns can show up at school board meetings and can be involved. When parents resist being silenced by the board members, they can use the rifles to subdue or arrest their parents.

You can also use it to intimidate people.

Again, this is simply a draft and wasn’t the final letter, though the final letter did ask that the DOJ become involved. It allows you to look into the mind of the NSBA’s leaders and see how they view the world. Their control over America’s children needs to be absolute for their radicalism to take hold and they were willing to go to a radicalized government to ask for men with tac gear and rifles to be present in order to achieve that.

These aren’t rioters seeking to destroy what they can because of janky media coverage. Parents have every right to be mad at their children. Threatening their children will do that, and siccing the military on them won’t change their resolve. It’ll only strengthen it.

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