The Benefits and Dangers of Working from Home

Remote working provides employees a lot of opportunities to delegate free time for more personal interests unlike being in a cubicle. Many employees find this more desirable since they have more time to relax. It also allows them to work on personal work or be with their families in between working. 

However, employees that accept the luxury to work from home must ensure that their work devices are not on when employees are not working. They should never allow their microphone to be recorded or their camera to be pointed at anything personal when not using their devices for work-related tasks. Recently, 41% of companies mentioned that they do not have a keen solution to detect and prevent cyberattacks/encryption. 

Even worse, over 59% of IT professionals cannot secure against encryption. This makes employees and employers highly vulnerable for people to gain information about the company and employee’s personal life. In case a successful encryption occurs, it could cost the employees as well as the company big consequences. 
Although this should not discourage employees from working from home, they should be highly aware of the dangers and potential threats as they acclimate to a new way of working. Employees should also discuss these issues with their managers and the IT department to find solutions that can best protect them and the company from any kind of encryption or cyber threats. Learn how network detection and response is here to help keep your organization safe below:

What is Network Detection & Response?
Source: Live Action

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