A New Playbook for Women Is Here and Highlights Need for Change

Randi Braun Delivers Something Major: The New Playbook for Women at Work 

Randi Braun highlights several pressing issues in her new book “Something Major: The New Playbook for Women at Work.” She notes that despite progress in the workplace, there are still significant challenges faced by women in their careers.  

Braun argues that the old playbook for women in the workplace is no longer effective, and a new approach is needed to help women thrive, not just survive. She has written “Something Major” as a response to this need, a new playbook that addresses the evolving workplace cultures and offers practical solutions to help women overcome the obstacles they face. 

Through her years of experience coaching women in business, Braun has gained a unique insight into the roadblocks faced by women in the workplace and the strategies that work best to overcome them. “Something Major” is a must-read for women looking to create a new kind of success for themselves, one that is fulfilling, empowering, and sustainable. By sharing her wisdom and guidance, Randi Braun is helping women take control of their careers and create the kind of impact they desire. This book is an essential tool for anyone looking to make a difference in their work and in the world. 

One of the standout features of Something Major is the use of humor throughout the book. Braun knows that the world of business can be tough, and the challenges faced by women can be especially trying. By incorporating humor into her writing, she provides a welcome lightheartedness that makes the book an enjoyable read, even when tackling serious subjects. 

Additionally, Something Major is a highly recommended book because it addresses important issues in a fresh and insightful manner. Braun’s writing style is engaging, and she incorporates allegorical stories from real women business leaders to offer inspiration and encouragement to readers. 

Something Major is a valuable resource for women business leaders, and anyone looking to make a difference in their work and in the world. The book offers practical advice, inspiring stories, and a roadmap for creating a new kind of success that is both fulfilling and empowering. 

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