The Army Will Force Female Soldiers to Shower With Biological Males – Opinion

Your daughter might be more interested in hanging out at the shower if she is preparing to join the Army.

As reported by Breitbart under the banner of “exclusive,” the branch’s training details updated directions for bathing. These rules go against everything you may be used to.

The training — purportedly delivered via scenarios — prescribes proper responses to issues concerning transgenderism.

Vignette Nine, for instance, deals with mandated urine specimens: What if an “observer” is uncomfortable having to watch a soldier — who has “not [had] sex reassignment surgery” — pee into a cup?

You can take comfort-minded steps:

Commanders may consider alternate observation options… Options could include observation by a different observer or medical personnel of the same gender as the soldier.

Was washing the clothes a problem? Reluctant ladies will likely be unsuccessful, according to the eighth vignette. But maybe at least the other person won’t pee.

A soldier transitioned from male to female… The soldier did not have sex-reassignment surgery. … [O]Soldiers from the armed forces have complained about having to shower with females who are male (in open bay showers).

Those concerned may discuss “with their chain of command.”


Soldiers will have to live and work in conditions often harsh and primitive. All soldiers will use the billeting, bathroom, and shower facilities associated with their gender marker…

The slide does stipulate that “commanders have discretion to employ reasonable accommodations” such as “installing shower curtains” or “adjusting shower schedules.”


It is against the law to designate, modify, or construct facilities that are transgender-only. Modifications must be made available for all soldiers. Accommodations can’t be used to stigmatize or isolate transgender soldiers.

Could unrequired accommodation such as curtains cause a transgender soldier to feel stigmatized? Surely there’s a solid chance.

Of course, the situation was inevitable once government adopted the revolutionary notion of “gender.” As I’ve pointed out before, until recently, everyone in America was nonbinary. People were classified solely according to sex; the just-added layer of “gender identity” did not exist. Unisex showering became a law when that classification was held, raised and attached to federal identification.

Each branch is bound to be co-ed clean:

Other Army vignettes — captures of which were previously published by Popular Military — pertain to things such as “pronoun usage”:

Soldier approaches commander to request that all the soldiers within the unit address him and use pronouns similar to their gender, without having to complete the gender marker. [the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System].


Inform the soldier that the Army recognizes a soldier’s gender by the soldier’s gender marker… Coincident with that gender marker, the soldier must use the proper pronoun, when appropriate, when addressing other soldiers and should expect to be addressed by the pronoun appropriate for the gender marker.

As for pregnancy, it’s about medical conditions and association:

It is important to understand that transgender soldiers may still be susceptible to the same medical conditions as their birth gender. Transgender soldiers are treated in the same way as other soldiers with any medical condition. … Commanders and units will comply with all policies related to pregnant soldiers.

The military seems no longer culturally relevant. It is now a symbol of something new and different.

People used to be encouraged or sent into the military because of patriotism, personal growth and other reasons. The fact that they were treated like a number, and then forced to follow difficult requirements meant that enlistees could mature and develop discipline. In that time, they protected a noble nation.

Our remade idea of the Armed Forces emphasizes accommodation — while teaching Critical Race Theory and the evil history of the country.

Despite all the rigors and traditions of the branches girls weren’t allowed to bathe alongside boys. But we’re in the midst of a societal switch; a revolution of reversal is upon us. It’s evident in many ways; color-blindness, for example, is the new racism.

The future America: How will it look? The future America is very different from what it was in the past.



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