Biden Makes Bad Gaffe About American Troops, but What’s Worse Is How He Left Them in the Lurch – Opinion

We’ve seen a lot of gaffes from Joe Biden and he had yet another one on his last day in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, when he bragged there were no more American troops engaged in combat in the region.

“For the first time since 9/11, an American President is visiting this region without American troops being engaged in combat — in a combat mission in the region,” Biden said. “We’ll always honor the bravery and selfishness — selflessness of the — and sacrifices of the Americans who served, including my son, Major Beau Biden, who was stationed in Iraq for a year.”

After the slip of his tongue, Secretary of State Antony Blinken became uncomfortable sitting near the president.

That’s a very bad gaffe to make.

But what’s far worse than the gaffes are the bad policies and incompetent actions that Joe Biden takes that have so harmed this country. Joe Biden braggingly boasts of troops not being in combat in this region. It was definitely a long-cherished goal for many American leaders. Biden would sacrifice the safety and security of his mission, while protecting American troops and civilians, in order to pull out during the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. He pulled out the military before getting Americans and our allies out, then he had to put even more military back into harm’s way.

Biden was so fixated on getting out by the date he declared, he didn’t care about the people that were left behind– condemning thousands to an uncertain fate at the hands of the Taliban. His team also lied about the number of people left behind. They claimed it was only 200 when there actually were many thousands. So he could get a photo-op at the one he took in Jeddah Saturday.

So, when we’re thinking about “selfishness,” the real selfishness was not of the American soldiers who did all they could in a horrendous situation that was foisted upon them, who performed heroically, with 13 American military members who were killed during the withdrawal, and the many more who were wounded. Joe Biden was the real self-interest.

Let’s remember the 13, when Joe Biden tries to make such statements in the future. Because it’s those people who paid the ultimate price for Joe Biden’s incompetence.

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