The American Trucker Convoy Is a Really Bad Idea – Opinion

Sometimes an opinion pops into my head that I know probably isn’t going to go over very well with some of the readers here at RedState, but hey, what kind of writer would I be if I was that easily swayed? So, if you disagree with what I’m about to say, live and let die on this one, and our minds will meet back up on the next one.

And on that note, the American trucker convoy headed toward Washington, D.C., to disrupt Joe Biden’s State of the Union address is a It’s a terrible idea.

Yes, it’s true, but I want you to hear my point.

It is no secret that I supported the Freedom Convoy in Canada. They were rightly defended and I found the PM Justin Trudeau’s crackdown to be truly oppressive and unsettling.

However, the thing that made that movement unique was its clear goal to get rid of federal mandates that vaccine truckers. Although the ideologies were not always clear, the Freedom Convoy was never without a purpose.

What is the American trucker protest convoy? In the United States, there is no mandate from the federal government to provide vaccines for truckers and private employees. The COVID-19 mandates that were placed at the level of each state have almost been eliminated. Further, the fact that the U.S. is a republic has always presented a far different dynamic compared to Canada’s top-down, federal control of the populace. In short, you cannot have a successful political movement if it isn’t focused, and if the point is just to bait law enforcement in hopes of getting attention on CNN, that doesn’t seem like a very good reason for its existence.

Still, the murkier nature of the American trucker convoy wouldn’t normally be enough for me to speak against it. People are allowed to demonstrate for any reason, regardless of whether or not I agree.

Rather, the reason I’m addressing the matter is because of how Political stupidityIt is.

Joe Biden does not only need to be on the ropes. He’s been thrown out of the ring already. The president’s latest approval numbers are horrific, and with the Russian invasion of Ukraine underway, leading to serious issues abroad and at home, things could actually get worse. It’s not just Biden who’s in the dumps, though. By a wide margin, Republicans are leading on the congressional generic vote. The GOP is poised to experience a huge wave in 2022.

All of this being said, Biden and Democrats desperately hope for a political event that will reignite domestic terrorist trope. The biggest gift in the world to the left-right now would be for this trucker convoy to shut down traffic and become a big story, serving as a distraction from Biden’s State of the Union, which is likely to be an utter disaster. Your opponent drowns when you aren’t there. Do not give them a life-ring.

There are some very selfish elements on the right, and they don’t just exist within the establishment. You should be skeptical about anyone who suggests something that might actually prove counterproductive. To survive the Biden government via obstruction is the goal, and now is the best time to plan strategically for achieving this goal. If Biden’s federal vaccine mandate hadn’t been struck down by the Supreme Court, I’d be on board with an American trucker convoy. But right now, it doesn’t make sense and is handing fodder to a Democrat Party already in full-scale collapse. Let them burn.

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