The 10-Year Old Ohio Girl Rape Story Turns Even More Horrific – Opinion

Tucker Carlson delivered it perfectly on Tuesday’s broadcast

“A 10-Year Old Girl Was raped. That is the story.”

Of course, all the left-wing and legacy media can cry is that Carlson “pivoted” and didn’t issue a correction when he, and other Fox News hosts reported that the rape story that Biden and others have been trumpeting could well be a hoax.

They also played softball together. Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler.

Figure it out.

Brad Slager (my colleague) reported on the fact that there is an “anonymous” option. Undocumented illegal alien named Gerson Fuentes has been arrested in connection with the rape of the 10-year-old, who I will coin as, “Little Girl Lost.”

The Columbus Dispatch reports that local police have announced the arrest of a 27-year-old man who they say has admitted to raping the 10-year-old girl at the heart of a swirling story regarding abortion rights — one which has generated speculation as to its accuracy. The details of this case are still unclear and little or no progress has been made as I reported it on Sunday.

Even as of this week there had been no indicators that there was validity to any aspect of the story. There are now more questions as the arrest of the suspect in relation to this child has taken place. After an arraignment today, lead detective Jeff Huhn said that the suspect had admitted to the rape of the child on at most two occasions. While the judge did not grant bail to the defendant in this case, the judge set the bond at $2million as the man was a potential flight risk and an illegal resident.

Huhn stated that the rape did in fact concern the child transported from Indiana to Indiana to have an abortion.

Amazing how the legacy media “pivoted” from trumpeting this story as proof that what the Supreme Court did is wreaking havoc and causing injury to women, to then blaming conservative and right-wing media for trying to determine the veracity of the story, to dropping the story like a hot potato once it was found that Little Girl Lost was not only raped, but raped by an illegal at that.

Little Girl Lost: Is she really being defended?

Lead Detective Jeffrey Huhn testified at Fuentes’ Wednesday arraignment hearing:

At Wednesday’s hearing, during which bond was set, Huhn testified that when detectives spoke to Fuentes through an interpreter, he admitted to having sexual contact with the 10-year-old girl. An interpreter was also used during Wednesday’s hearing.

The child also told police that Fuentes was the father of the pregnancy, Huhn testified.

Dan Meyer, Assistant Franklin County Prosecutor said that the girl was only 10 years old and had been infertile since then.

Huhn also testified that DNA from the clinic in Indianapolis is being tested against samples from Fuentes, as well as the child’s siblings, to confirm contribution to the aborted fetus.

According to Det. Huhn said that the mother reported to Franklin County Services her pregnancy on June 22, 2012. Caitlin Bern, an Indianapolis doctor performed the abortion. Why was the mother allowed to wait eight days for the procedure? Especially in light of the supposed concern about Ohio’s restrictive time window?

The same mom is refusing her face to Gerson Fuentes and defends the accused rapist.


MOTHER: Yes, but she’s fine. Everything that they’re saying against him is a lie.

Fuentes’ mother has not been charged. Telemundo reported that Fuentes had admitted to more than one instance of vaginal contact while Little Girl Lost was with her. This was then this 10-year-oldShe had to go through a terrible medical procedure she couldn’t even comprehend.

Little Girl Lost can be anything but fine.

As far as I’m concerned, this mother should also be in jail.

Megan Fox, a sister website PJ Media, has been able to report that Dr. Caitlin Bern, an Indiana doctor, performed the abortion and has exhibited a lot of suspicious behavior in relation to her advocacy for Little Girl Lost.

Megan Fox reported Thursday.

Caitlin Berber, the doctor who alerted the media of the 10-year old girl who was raped by Ohio’s abortion-restricted laws lobbyists, now faces at least two investigation for her conduct. Fox News reported her employer, Indiana University was investigating for HIPAA violations after she revealed information about her patient.

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita is also launching an investigation into Bernard’s conduct.

When you look at the states around Ohio, which are most restrictive in abortion rights, it would seem that the family would have traveled approximately 185 miles to Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh is only 185 mi away. Pennsylvania’s pro-abortion laws are in effect and do not tick like Ohio. Instead they crossed state borders to Indiana to find Dr. Bernard who was well-known as an abortion activist and doctor.


Perhaps it is a coincidence

This is doubtful considering that this doctor was quick to pass this information on to the legacy media. They took it in stride like flies.

Not only is this suspect, it’s more than worthy of further investigation. The investigation has not been completed. Columbus Dispatch, there isn’t a peep from other media that ran with Dr. Bernard’s account. They prefer to blame Fox News and other right-leaning media rather than report on the tragedy and abuse.

It is clear that Little Girl Lost is being used for a political agenda, just as Norma McCorvey, aka “Jane Roe” was. Pro-lifers didn’t have to wait 50 years to fight for their rights. They could just go out and start praying. RoeWe hope Little Girl Lost is not overturned.

Further evidence has been provided that children have become the tools and pawns for the Left. They are not ashamed of this shameful fact.

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