That Senate Abortion Testimony Just Got Even Wackier – Opinion

The Democrats have been making interesting arguments in a Senate hearing regarding abortion. That is to say, they’re wandering into trainwreck territory with one of the witnesses they put on — Khiara Bridges, who is a law professor at UC Berkeley School of Law.

Bridges accused Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) of being transphobic because he asked if she meant “women” when she used the term “people with a capacity for pregnancy.” The professor then said he was opening up trans people to violence by the nature of his question.

But she didn’t leave it there, she went full-bore unhinged. With Sen. Mike Lee (R.UT), and Sen. Ted Cruz, she had a heated argument about the fact that Ted Cruz was arguing for the lifting of Roe v. WadeSo that the people could choose which option is better democratic, she returned the question back to the states. “These are the same states that are stopping people from voting!” she ranted.

Who is stopping you from voting in these two states? It is your responsibility to point out who is denied the right of vote. Indeed, as we’ve noted in the past, Democrats spread a lot of false information about the law that was passed in Texas, they even fled the state in a major tantrum but lost spectacularly, because their arguments were just nonsense. Problem is, they might not have wanted voter ID to allow mail-in and in-person ballots.

Bridges went on down the rabbit hole.

“Do you think that a baby that is not yet born has value?” Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) asked her.

She responded, “I believe that a person with a capacity for pregnancy has value.”

Cornyn noticed that she wasn’t answering the question. Cornyn’s response: “I’m answering a more interesting question to me.”

Oh. Do you think that’s how Congressional testimony now works? While the members of Congress flicker their fingers and wait for your return to Earth, you just answer whatever imaginary questions pop into your mind. I don’t think that’s the way this works and I’m not sure why Democrats put her forward because it certainly isn’t helping their cause for the midterms when Americans see and hear this kind of testimony. It’s hard to imagine that she teaches people. Yet, Democrats continue to push absurd claims.

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