Kevin McCarthy Lands a One-Two Jab on Joe Biden After ‘Taco’ Debacle Embarrasses White House – Opinion

Jill Biden (First Lady) and other White House Departmental Staffers also behind and/or signed off on the speech she gave Monday during her appearance in Texas at a “Latinx IncluXion” luncheon are unquestionably feeling the heat from all corners after comments she made where she actually compared Hispanics in San Antonio to breakfast tacos.

Hispanic journalists organizations called her out. Hispanic Republicans have mocked Mrs. Biden’s comments – including Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who changed his Twitter profile to a taco. Jill Biden is also being criticized by others for asking her press secretary to apologize (and social media) on her behalf instead of telling her what she did.

“Raul helped build this organization with the understanding that the diversity of this community — as distinct as the bogidas (sic) of the Bronx, as beautiful as the blossoms of Miami, and as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio — is your strength,” she said during the event, mispronouncing “bodegas” in the process, though you wouldn’t know it from the cleaned-up version posted to the White House website.

In any event, at the heart of the story is not just Jill Biden herself but the Biden White House’s tone deafness when it comes to the Hispanic community, whose exodus from the Democratic party became very noticeable during the Trump years, something that has continued since in part due to how a growing number of Hispanics feel the Democratic party has become too focused on “woke dogma” and in the process has taken them and their votes for granted over the last decade or so.

Sensing an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) took to the Twitter machine Tuesday afternoon to point out that not only are tacos “unique” (heh) though their “ingredients may vary,” but that the prices of the toppings typically put on tacos are, like most everything else, going up thanks in no small part to Bidenflation:

For that matter, even the prices at the local Taco Bell have gone up (for those who are like me and are oftentimes too busy or lazy to make their own), which – IMO – is further testament to the fact that you can’t get even the basic ingredients for things at decent prices like you used to.

In any event, reminding voters of the fact that the prices for taco essentials (among other things) are skyrocketing while at the same time keeping the “breakfast taco” embarrassment front and center in everyone’s minds is a clever move by the GOP leader and at a time when the writing on the wall for Democrats as far as the fall midterm elections go becomes more and more obvious with each passing day.

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