Thanksgiving 2021 and I’m Thankful American Common Sense Is Finally Reawakening – Opinion

As we wrap up Thanksgiving 2021 I thought it was time to take a moment and reflect upon the 4th Thursday in November. After you’ve stuffed your face with turkey this year, it is normal to reflect on the day. But I think I see things from a slightly different angle.

For what am I grateful? There are many things to be thankful for, but I will focus my attention on one thing that is affecting this country I love.

Once again, I see signs that this nation of ours is slowly but surely reasserting its God-given common sense — via comedy. These woke comedy shrews may have gone a little too far with their bellyaching and whining.

I’ve been spending most of my day sitting at home, watching television and listening to a program called Decades. They are running a series of “Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts” which were primarily filmed in the ’70s and early ’80s. They are precursors to Comedy Central Roasts with stars from that time period, hosted by Dean Martin. Some jokes and references are dated, so the material might not make sense to people who don’t know them. To protect the network from the weak-kneeded woke crowd who lack humor, the network runs a warning prior to each show informing them that jokes and topics are old and could hurt their feelings.

I kid you not.

Red State colleagues and me have been discussing pushback from the woke crowd, comics like Bill Burr or Dave Chappelle, for months. This has been encouraging. My colleague has an example. Brandon MorseWho wrote it yesterday? Comedy Is Subjective…but Woke Comedy Is Objectively Not Funny

I realize there are brands of comedy out there that people don’t find funny for one reason or another. Being someone who saw and experienced dark things as a kid, I have a dark sense of humor, and it’s a sense of humor that some of my friends and family don’t get and other members of my friends and family absolutely do.

One man may find grotesque, or insensitive. Others might consider it humorous. The jokes doctors, nurses, military members, and police officers tell each other would make others believe they’re heartless. They’re anything but that, but humor allows them to deconstruct and deal with the massively unpleasant things they go through. It’s necessary to whistle in the dark when you’re in the dark quite a bit.

It’s all about perspective. Each person has a different taste, just like they have a preference for a particular type of ice-cream.

A colleague of mine is Scott HounsellA podcast was just done on Dave Chappelle, arguing back against his Netflix Special. It can be listened to here. Cancel this! Podcast: Cancel This!.

It seems that the “feelings over all else” crowd has infiltrated society to such an extent that almost 50 years ago, a well-known show must come with a trigger warning. Brandon mentioned in the video that I have quoted, it is not necessary to believe that every popular comedy is hilarious. Humor is subjective. Different people may find different things funny or insulting. In a nation that was built in part on the belief that ideas can be discussed and approved by the government, it is right.

America has too often allowed the squeaky wheels to get all the grease and to decide where the country is going.

On this Thanksgiving 2021 I am able to see that America slowly is regaining its common sense. Once again, the comics lead the charge.

For that, I’m immensely grateful.

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