Texas Governor Greg Abbott Nails It on Why the “Let’s Go Brandon” Trend Is So Popular – Opinion

You can count Texas Governor Greg Abbott amongst the throngs of people shouting “Let’s Go, Brandon,” and what’s more, he’s got a pretty good explanation as to why people love saying it.

In an interview with Breitbart done ahead of the Texas vs. Oklahoma State football game at the Darrell K. Royal Stadium in Austin, Texas, Abbott gave his own “Let’s Go, Brandon” — the polite way of saying “F*** Joe Biden” at the start of the interview and went on to tell Amanda House why people are so into saying it. While he did say that Biden’s policies are making people angry, “Let’s Go, Brandon” is a call of direct defiance against what Biden would like to implement in places where he’d like to implement them.

“People are angry,” he told Breitbart. “People who come to these stadiums, who want to gather and celebrate a great American tradition like college football, and you have Joe Biden trying to shut things down and shut people out and you got Fauci saying you got to stay home until Christmas or whenever — and it’s just ludicrous the policies that Joe Biden is advancing.”

“So when people gather at stadiums, or maybe anywhere, they’re just angry about the Biden administration policies,” continued Abbott. “Only part of it relates to COVID. Part of it is about the border. Part of it is about inflation. Part of it is about the other catastrophic policies he’s implementing.”

“So you see this rising anger across the United States,” concluded Abbott.

The trend began when an NBC reporter purposefully misrepresented a NASCAR crowd that was chanting “F*** Joe Biden” as “Let’s Go, Brandon.” Since then, the chant can be heard in stadiums, restaurants, and music halls.

Various personalities have also been seen saying it, including streamer Dr. Disrespect.

An official “Let’s Go, Brandon” song has even reached the top of the charts on iTunes.

As Abbott indicated, the chant is a direct response to many of Biden’s policies and failures, but make no mistake, the fact that it’s heard wherever Americans to gather en masse isn’t by accident. Democrats have shown time and time again their contempt for crowds gathering together under the guise that they’re only helping spread the Coronavirus. This fear seems to end if the crowds are gathering for left-wing purposes such as Black Lives Matter marches/riots.

“Let’s go, Brandon” is America telling Biden and the Democrats that we won’t be controlled.

Rest assured, they’ll get the message even harder during the midterms.

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