Hapless John Kerry Brags About New ‘Green Energy’ Auto Jobs… in Mexico – Opinion

This report reads like Babylon Bee satire. Therefore, I suggest not swallowing liquid while reading it.

Thing is, it shouldn’t surprise anyone who has even a modicum of knowledge about John Kerry, Biden’s hilariously named — and first in the nation — United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate.

Personally, I think equally hapless Joe should have named Mr. Teresa Heinz-Kerry the “Grand Potentate of the Existential Threat of Our Time” — I’m sure the private jet owner would have loved it.

Anyway, as reported by Reuters, Kerry jetted to Mexico on Monday to fire up the locals about the number of “green energy jobs” presumably [nonsense] “created” by the Biden administration in a corrupt country that serves as a launchpad for illegal aliens — not only from Mexico but from Central and Southern America, Jamaica, the Middle East, and God Know where else — to stream into the U.S. in record numbers.

Or, as Shore News Network put it, Kerry’s visit was intended to “give the citizens of that country hope that once America switches to electric cars, there will be plenty of automobile manufacturing jobs for them.”

#ProTip for Kerry: As long as your old sidekick Joe continues to wave illegal aliens across the border in record numbers as fast as he can, shipping them across the country, allegedly providing them with safe places to live, and other benefits, they’re going to keep coming as fast as their legs can walk, run, or swim.

Translation of the following tweet:

Successful visit by John Kerry, President Biden’s special envoy for climate action, concludes. Here during the tour of Palenque with the personal leadership of President López Obrador and the valuable presence of Ken Salazar.

How’d I do?

Kerry, standing next to Lopez Obrador in Mexico’s Chiapas state, talked about how Mexico’s industrial base stands to benefit from “green energy,” as transcribed by Reuters.

“Mexico’s industrial base, already deeply integrated with the rest of North America, absolutely stands to benefit from the energy transition.

“When we switch from gasoline to electrified vehicles, there are going to be a lot of good-paying jobs here in Mexico because of the connection already of the automobile industry and our two countries.”

Don’t forget, America — climate change is the “existential threat of our time.”

Biden pal Lopez Obrador, without providing details, said he was all in.

“We’re going to support the plan that President Biden is promoting through Mr. John Kerry.”

Oh, hell yeah — because everything “Mr. Kerry” touches turns to gold. Wait — everything globe-trotting, private-jet-riding, yacht-piloting Kerry marries into is already laden with “gold.” Never mind.

Lopez Obrador can “support the plan” to his heart’s content, but he is also reviving Mexico’s state-run oil and power generation companies, and his government has prioritized fossil fuels over renewable energy sources for the country’s national grid, noted Reuters.

Meanwhile, the quixotic United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate continues to tilt at windmills, along with Biden & Co. and the strong majority of the Democrat Party.

God help us.

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