Telemundo: Migrant Invasion Is Actually the American Dream

A Telemundo report on the chaos at the southern border quickly became a hit piece against South Texas authorities for declaring “an emergency due to invasion of immigrants, For those seeking the American Dream, this is quite a powerful phrase”.

Maricruz Gutierrez, reporter, tried to make illegal entry into America a symbol of the American Dream. However, Maricruz Gutierrez’s report was not able to hide the devastating effects that migrant invasion has on people living near the border.

Watch Gutierrez attempting to defend the indefensible, and failing: “The leaders accused the federal government of not doing its job This is at a time where the border patrol has broken records in apprehending migrants.”; yes, Telemundo, exactly 239,000 in May alone:

MARICRUZ GUTIERREZ : Texas Governor will support the counties which declared an invading emergency. Greg Abbott. The situation that they call open borders is a result of President Joe Biden’s government. The claim is that property loss and security have been suffered by Texas residents as well as merchants. 


GUTIÉRREZ: The mayor of Uvalde defines it as a nightmare because they have to constantly deal with coyotes who traffic in people. They accused the federal government not performing its duties at a moment when there are so many migrants being apprehended and deported by border patrol.

They claim they want to defend the United States of America and Texas while migrants are only looking for opportunities.

They are from south Texas and claim to want the United States and Texas protected, while immigrants only long for an opportunity..” In truth, it´s the residents of the counties who beg for an opportunity to live without the constant fear of, as Gutierrez mentions, suffering property damage, threats to personal safety, dealing with human trafficking (and drug trafficking, gangs and prostitution, to name a few more).

Or, being free from the nightmares lived by the already distressed residents of Uvalde, Texas, addressed during the report: “The mayor of Uvalde defines it as a nightmare because they have to constantly Coyotes trafficking in people are a problem..”

Ironically, it was Gutierrez who voiced the actual solution to the problem: “Authorities say migrants must cross through the proper paths in order to have things under control.”

Bingo, Telemundo: The same “proper paths” followed by millions upon millions of Hispanic immigrants, who did You have the opportunity to help your American Dream become a reality: follow the legal pathway.

To read the complete transcript of the segment mentioned above, press on ´Expand´ :

FELICIDAD AVELEYRA : Record-breaking numbers of immigrants crossing at the border led to several Texas counties declaring an invasion emergency. Border patrol data shows that 239,000 immigrants trying to cross the border to get into the United States were stopped in May. Let’s now go over to Piedras Negras, Mexico to see what their reaction was. Maricruz Gutiérrez, tell us.

MARICRUZ GUTIERREZ (That’s right. A state of emergency caused by the invasion of immigrant workers; this is a strong term for people who want to achieve their American dream. They claim they can be a part of the U.S. economic growth because they are humans. They are trying to prove that they can contribute and they should not treated like criminals, according to Migrants Stranded in Mexico.

MAINOL OTONIEL MIGRANT: They are not invading our country because they want a life, a way to live that will benefit their family.

GUTIERREZ – The huge flow of immigrant workers doesn’t slow down. They continue on their journey, regardless of any dangers they may face. Once they reach the United States, they will be returned.

MATEO PÉREZ, MIGRANT: It’s very difficult right now and they don’t allow anyone to enter. We are unable to enter.

GUTIERREZ, The Texas governor will be supporting the declaration of an emergency in Texas. Greg Abbott. The situation that they refer to as open borders is a result of President Joe Biden’s presidency. According to them, property has been damaged and there is insecurity among Texas merchants and residents. 


GUTIÉRREZ: The mayor of Uvalde defines it as a nightmare because they have to constantly deal with coyotes who traffic in people. Leaders accused the federal government for not being able to do its job in a period when thousands of migrants are being apprehended at the border.


GUTIÉRREZ: Dr. Alonso Hernández, a professor at Colegio de la Frontera NorteAccording to, migrants are in extremely vulnerable situations and that all levels of government should act.

HERNÁNDEZ: Well, we would expect such a hostile response, but instead to seek mechanisms that guarantee protection for many of those people who have been fleeing violence.

GUTIERREZ – Authorities insist that the right paths must be followed by migrants to ensure control. This leader claims they are trying to protect Texas and the United States, but migrants just want a chance.



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