Alex Berenson Drops Tantalizing Tidbit About His Return to Twitter, Elon Musk Has Questions – Opinion

We’ve been seeing a lot of questionable Twitter suspensions, seemingly aimed at people for having “dissenting opinions,” to quote Elon Musk. Also, you are going against the liberal narrative. Jordan Peterson was suspended for using Elliot Page’s former name in a description of the actor. Dave Rubin was removed from the job for his reporting regarding this suspension. Then on Wednesday, Breaking 911 was suspended after they reported on the video ad that Arizona Republican candidate Jerone Davison did depicting Democrats in Klan robes and talking about the “need” for an AR-15. It’s not clear exactly why they were suspended, as Twitter has given conflicting answers. Both Rubin as well as Breaking 911 were restored.

One person, who was suspended in August last year, has settled his case against Twitter. Alex Berenson now has access to Twitter. For multiple violation of coronavirus misinformation policies, he was suspended.

Berenson claims that Twitter admitted that his suspension had been in error and that his tweets shouldn’t have resulted in his suspension. Nice way to keep someone with “dissenting opinions” off the platform for almost a year.

Berenson had some words to say regarding the media who trumpeted his suspension and appeared to enjoy it.

And I can’t wait for Insider and NBC News and everyone else who drooled over my suspension in August 2021 and later to devote equal space to the fact that I’m back and Twitter’s admission it should not have banned me. This has never happened before.

It was this hilarious bit that I wanted to thank Twitter for.

Brandon Borrman, Twitter’s former director of communications, whose accidental honesty proved very helpful;

Twitter and its lawyers. We could have not survived the motion of dismissal without their arrogance and overreliance upon Section 230

However, it was the last part of his speech that attracted the most attention.

You know what it took Twitter to admit it shouldn’t have done what it did?

You do not, and I can’t tell you, because the statement is all I can say about the settlement.

Except, I have to add something. My investigation of the possible government pressures on Twitter that led to my account being suspended does not stop with the settlement. This issue will be the subject of more posts. Last month I promised readers that I would keep my word and I will.

There are many things to consider. How did Biden’s team try to get him to stop?

Elon Musk was interested in the same.

Musk had also questioned Peterson’s suspension.

Berenson said that he could not comment due to the settlement.

Musk will most likely be able to answer this question if he can close the deal to purchase Twitter. But one has to think a lot is going on behind the scenes to clean things up, because if he comes in and sees things that haven’t come out, he may not be quiet about what he finds.

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