Teen Vogue Op-Ed: Uvalde is Reason to Defund Police

Uvalde tragedy is a key issue in the gun control debate. But attention also fell on the police’s extremely delayed response to the shooting, which has drawn unanimous condemnation from both sides of the aisle. Particularly the left has renewed calls for defunding the police since the peak of Black Lives Matter, which took place in summer 2020. 

In the very first sentence, Olurin says of the events, “There has never been a clearer demonstration of police ineptitude, dishonesty, failure, and callous disregard for our lives” However, later in the article she claims that this response was Not, “a matter of gross incompetence, lack of training, lack of resources, or even cowardice.” She can’t make up her mind on whether it was a matter of incompetent cops or not, which it obviously is. She just doesn’t like cops.

It’s easy to proclaim these extreme black-and-white solutions to complex problems, such as “less guns”, “defund the police” or others. This incident doesn’t justify us putting an end to Uvalde and all of our local police departments. This incident is indicative of larger issues with young men being brought up in this country. You are lying if you claim to know the solution to mass shootings.

Most people agree that Uvalde was a terrible place for police. However, it’s absurd to claim that police officers will do better in protecting and serving the public if they are defunded. Police are there to serve us. Their procedures must be improved, particularly after the Uvalde shooting revealed a fatal and glaring flaw. The rhetoric of defunding police was dropped by even the Democrats, who knew that this policy recommendation was insane. 

Real solutions to major social issues aren’t published on Teen Vogue. This is an example of pure sophistry. Olurin also denies that it was politicizing a mass shooting.


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