Teen Stabs Boyfriend in Heart After He ‘Tried to Grab Her Boobs’

“The whole knife went into his heart, what should I do?”

A UK teen was convicted of murder after she fatally stabbed her new boyfriend in the heart during an argument, according to a report Friday in the Daily Star.

Martyna Ogonowska, 18, told Cambridge Crown Court she stabbed her boyfriend in self defense after he tried to grab her breasts. According to the report, she claims she forgot she had the knife in her hand and only tried to punch him, realizing after the fact she had actually stabbed him in the heart.

The incident started on the way home after a night out drinking with friends. The victim,  23-year-old Filip Jaskiewicz, was driving the group home at about 5 A.M. when the passengers asked him to pull over in fear he was driving too fast.

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After Jaskiewicz pulled the car over, Ogonowska claims she “got nervous” and attempted to flee the car. According to the report, Jaskiewicz went after her and grabbed her by the neck. When they returned to the car, Ogonowska alleges Jaskiewicz then tried to grab her breasts.

In what Ogonowska claims was a self defense reflex, she attempted to punch Jaskiewicz, forgetting that she had a knife in her hand. But instead of a punch, she ended up stabbing Jaskiewicz through the heart. Ogonowska said she “lost view” of the blade, and only realized she had stabbed her boyfriend after seeing the the knife in his chest.

Ogonowska then stashed the knife in her bra and fled the scene with her friends, leaving a fatally wounded Jaskiewicz to be discovered a few hours later by a passerby.

According to the report, prosecutors painted a different picture of the night’s events. While Ogonowska claimed she was only handed the knife by a friend during her altercation with Jaskiewicz, prosecutors say she she had carried the knife with her all night, even bringing it to the nightclub the group attended.

Prosecutors also disputed Ogonowska’s claim she acted in self defense, instead telling the court she stabbed the man while he was looking down at his cell phone.

Ogonowska’s responsibility for stabbing her boyfriend wasn’t hard to prove, thanks to her messaging her mother on Facebook after the incident and admitting to the attack.

“The whole knife went into his heart mum, what should I do?” she reportedly told her mom on Facebook.

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She later turned herself in to authorities after Jaskiewicz was discovered.

After hearing the details of the case, Judge David Farrell sentenced Ogonowska to custody for life with a minimum of 17-years in prison for murder.

In the UK, custody for life is an automatic sentence for young offenders between the ages of 18 and 21 who are convicted of murder. Under such a sentence, Ogonowska will have the possibility of parole after 17-years, but the sentence can be extended up to a life sentence.

In making the sentence, Farrell took into account Ogonowska’s young age and her “low mental capacity.” The judge also noted her history trauma, including bullying and postnatal depression.

“There is only one sentence the court can impose: custody for life,” Farrell said.

According to the report, Ogonowska was also given a concurrent sentence of 18-months for possession of the knife.

While the #MeToo movement has drawn renewed attention to the various ways that men mistreat women, violence against males in relationships is not uncommon.

A large number of men face domestic violence, too, and their experiences are often dismissed. One in seven American men has endured “severe” domestic violence, according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

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