Biden’s New Slogan Is Totally Not a Second Rate Ripoff of ‘Make America Great Again’

“Obviously, we don’t want to have a slogan like ‘Make America Great Again.’ That is practically hate speech.”

After announcing Thursday he was throwing his hat into the ring for the 2020 presidential election, former Vice President Joe Biden unveiled an eerily familiar message to the world.

“America is coming back like we used to be,” the former Delaware senator told a group of reporters in Wilmington.

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“Ethical, straight, telling the truth … supporting our allies. All those good things,” Biden added, in a response that was prompted by a reporter asking him if he had “a message for the rest of the world.”

A keen observer might note that Biden’s declaration sounds awfully similar to President Donald Trump’s iconic “Make America Great Again” slogan.

Some liberals have taken issue with Trump’s campaign slogan, suggesting that it amounts to a racist dog whistle by hearkening back to the Jim Crow era.

“That message where ‘I’ll give you America great again’ is if you’re a white Southerner, you know exactly what it means, don’t you?” said former President Bill Clinton in 2016.

The jury is still out on whether Biden will face similar backlash for his remarks.

Despite recent controversy over accusations from women claiming Biden inappropriately touched them without their consent, he has emerged as a 2020 frontrunner.

His announcement sparked excitement among supporters Thursday, including the ladies of “The View.”

“Watching this, it gave me chills throughout my entire body,” co-host Abby Huntsman said of Biden’s video officially launching his campaign. “Just on the basis of feeling, he completely nailed it today.”

A Morning Consult poll released Wednesday, before Biden even announced his candidacy, had him edging fellow Democrats and the president in head-to-head matchups.

According to the poll, conducted April 19-21 among nearly 2,000 registered voters, Biden leads Trump 42% to 34%.

In an Emerson poll released earlier this month, Biden was polling ahead of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-M.A.., in her own state.

The poll, Emerson’s first of the 2020 election cycle, showed Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., leading the way in the dependably blue state with 26% of the vote. Following Sanders in a close second was Biden, with 23%. Meanwhile, Warren sat a distant third, capturing 14% of those polled.

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