Swalwell’s Response to Laguna Woods Shooting Shows Just How Over the Edge Dems Have Gone – Opinion

As my colleague Jennifer Oliver O’Connell reported earlier, the media hasn’t been paying the same kind of attention to the Laguna Woods shooting in California as they have to the shooting in Buffalo, New York. Perhaps because it doesn’t serve the narrative that they want to make about who mass shooters are.

The authorities claim it was politically motivated hatred by an immigrant from China who felt a need to attack Taiwanese immigrants. According to the Geneva Presbyterian Church for over ten year, services were being held by Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church. Retired Taiwanese immigrants of a median age of 80 inhabited the majority members. After celebrating the visit from a Taiwanese pastor, they had been having a reception to celebrate the attack.

David Chou, 68, of Las Vegas, allegedly “chained the doors closed, superglued locks, and hammered at least one door shut before opening fire on congregants,” according to Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said. After the shooter began opening fire on people, Dr. John Cheng, 52, charged the shooter and tried to “do everything he could to disable the assailant.” Cheng was killed in the effort. “He sacrificed himself so that others could live. That irony in a church is not lost on me,” Spitzer said.

Because of Cheng’s heroic actions, the pastor was able to hit the attacker on the head with a chair and the elderly parishioners were able to hogtie the attacker with electrical cords and grab his two weapons. Five people were shot, in addition to Cheng: Two of them were in good condition, two were in stable condition, and the fifth victim’s condition was unknown. Chou was charged with murder and attempted murder on one charge.

There’s a story that needs to be answered here about why he drove hours to come to this community to allegedly attack this group and what connection he might have had, if any, to the political conflict between China against Taiwan since authorities are indicating that was a motivation.

Just like the Buffalo shooting when the initial reaction was to accuse Tucker Carlson of Fox for wanting to down Fox’s show, so too was the attempt to immediately use the event in the same manner by others until it didn’t fit with their story. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D–CA) was perhaps the most savage. Swalwell, who is from California and so should be able to take one minute away from being a hack not to be political — to care about Americans and citizens of California. Not so. Swalwell has more bizarre ideas than anyone else.

“Sorry @housegop that the parishioners hog-tied your boy. #SorryNotSorry,” Swalwell said.

Imagine — this is a member of Congress. Is there anything wrong? Dr. Cheng heroically gave his life to help others and five others were wounded, and to Swalwell, it’s just an opportunity to try to use against Republicans, even if there isn’t any sense or logic to such claims. Add that to the attack on Tucker Carlson and the GOP that the left launched over the Buffalo shooting and that’s how far gone they are at this point. To attack their enemies, they will do anything.

Did Swalwell also just refer to an adult Asian man as a “boy”?

He was allowed to keep it because of how he treated the tragedy. They also let him know that they haven’t forgotten his relationship with Fang Fang.

But unfortunately, this isn’t Swalwell’s only comment and he isn’t the only one making such comments. It’s become a divisive sickness where they fall like carrion birds over such incidents to try to use them to pump their narratives. That’s shameful when it should be a time where we are thinking about the victims and about coming together in the face of evil.

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