Supreme Celeb Stupidity: Bette Midler Says Women Should Kneel for Anthem

In the long, bloody history of America’s culture wars, has there been an atrocity more heinous than allowing Bette Midler to acquire a Twitter account? The perpetrators must be held accountable for numerous violent crimes against intelligence, truth and common sense. 

Breitbart reported that the latest incident occurred on May 8 when an actress, singer, and Hollywood bubble citizen launched a meme to attack an unwitting population.

Even more troubling is the fact that Midler may have developed basic Googling skills, and now appears to be beginning to employ crude improvised weaponry, which, although utterly inaccurate, could cause collateral damage.

But Midler also sent a reminder that, however competent she becomes with technological weapons, she the same bigot thoughtless bigot who dismisses entire states because residents don’t think like she does:

There will be a reckoning when the culture wars are over and all of us stand looking around at the wreckage of our institutions. For years, international tribunals will have to keep track of the perpetrators and victims. However, those notorious names and bad deeds are nothing when compared to the dark cabal that mothers will call The Jackasses who Gave Midler Twitter accounts.

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