CNN Blames Court For Threats, Claims Violence Is With ‘Anti-Abortion Movement’

CNN’s Don Lemon welcomed global affair analyst Susan Glasser on to his Monday show to discuss left-wingers demonstrating in front of Supreme Court justices’ homes in the wake of the leaked draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade Picketing by both sides is normal, as the Court has become more politically charged and it should really be about the violence on the other side.

Lemon began by noting that the White House has sought to distance itself from some of the demonstrations, but wondered whether it was the right move, “So, the White House is probably drawing a line in the sand — line on protests, I should say, around the draft court decision. Is this smart, to distance themselves, or is this playing into the hands of Republicans who want this to be about the leak, the protests, anything but the actual decision?”



Of course, it is not yet “the actual decision,” but that aside, Glasser dismissed Republican concerns, “Republicans are going to say what they are going to say regardless” and described demonstrations as “an indication of the hyper charged nature of our politics coming to the Supreme Court.”

Lemon then reported and wondered, “The Senate tonight passing a bipartisan plan to get more security to the justices and their families after the explosive leaked draft. Is this another unprecedented development in a series of them?”

Glasser concurred, “Almost all of our public institutions have been politicized in recent years, have seen an enormous drop in trust and, you know, independent viewpoints surrounding it. I think that’s what we are seeing with the Court.”

Pro-Roe media has definitely had a role in that, but lost in this conversation, Glasser argued, is that the real extremists are on the other side, “Think of the images that you and I grew up with of anti-abortion protesters outside of abortion clinics, blocking the way, making it almost impossible for women to go in and out of those clinics. And, you know, protests didn’t just begin with this Supreme Court draft opinion, but it has been a turbocharged aspect of—of—of– this debate for decades, for our entire lifetime, basically.”

Lemon then interrupted to add “and sadly, bombing of some clinics.”

Glasser continued, “That’s exactly right. I mean, you know, there have been violent protests, extreme protests as a hallmark of the anti-abortion movement, certainly, as well as, you know, now you have very passionate feelings on those who are afraid a right that has existed for decades is now going to be taken away.”

Lemon concluded by noting “I think it’s important for the White House to point out that violence is never acceptable, but it is also to point out the history of what you have been pointing out, that you have been talking about, the violence that has happened, you know, around clinics and so forth.”

CNN warns against right-wing violence. However, CNN makes excuses to left-wing intimidation tactics and pro-life facilities are attacked with Molotov cocktails.

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The transcript of the May 9th show is available here:

CNN Don Lemon Tonight


11:00 PM ET

DON LEMON – The Supreme Court draft decision which would be overturned Roe V. WadeProtesters are spreading anger across the nation. Protesters marched this weekend to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s and Chief Justice John Roberts’ homes, as well as protesters outside Justice Samuel Alito’s home tonight.

Today, the White House warned that protests shouldn’t include violence threats or vandalism.

Now, join me in discussing CNN global affairs writer and staff writer — an analyst and staff writers. The New Yorker Susan Glasser. Hi, Susan. Glad to be here. Thank you for coming on and discussing this with—wisth– me this evening.

The White House seems to be drawing a line at the protests. Do they want to draw a line in the sand to distance themselves from the draft court decision or are Republicans playing into their hands and wanting this to be all about the protests, the leaks, and the final decision?

SUSAN GLASSER Ted Cruz claimed that these protests are worse than January 6th’s insurrection at Capitol. That gives you an indication of what Republicans will say, regardless what the White House has to say about it.

You see, this is a clear indication of the highly charged nature of politics that have reached the Supreme Court. It also shows how Washington’s toxic and politically-oriented culture has fared in recent years. The Court, they’re not even televised, their deliberations. They’ve maintained a remarkable lack of transparency up until now. This is part of the reason this leak was shocking.

It is my opinion that one of these things we are seeing is the transformation of the Court before our eyes to a more politically-oriented institution.

LEMON: Tonight’s Senate vote passed a bipartisan plan for more security for the justices, their families and the nation after the leaked explosive draft. Are we witnessing another in an ongoing series of such unprecedented events?

GLASSER: Yeah, absolutely. I just, I think we’re literally watching before our eyes, sort of the transformation of how the public views the Supreme Court and the role it’s going to play in our public life going forward.

Chief Justice John Roberts has resisted the idea, as have other Court members. It has an inexorable feeling to it, however. Nearly all our public institutions, which have experienced a significant drop in trust, and you know, in independent opinions surrounding them, have been politicized. That’s exactly what I see with the Court.

However, tonight I thought back to decades and even decades of protests. One of these was a violent type over all aspects of the abortion debate, ever since 1973. Roe decision.

Imagine the scenes you and your family grew up seeing of pro-abortion demonstrators blocking access to abortion clinics. It was almost impossible for women in those places to get in or out.

And, you know, protests didn’t just begin with this Supreme Court draft opinion, but it has been a turbocharged aspect of—of—of– this debate for decades, for our entire lifetime, basically.

LEMON: I’m sorry, but there was bombing at some clinics.

GLASSER: It’s absolutely right. You know that there have been violent protests and extreme protests. This is a characteristic of the anti-abortion movements.

LEMON: While I believe it’s crucial for the White House that they emphasize that violence is unacceptable, it is equally important to highlight the history of the violence around clinics and such like.

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