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Summer Hair Care Routine

Helen Schifter can agree that the worst thing anyone can deal with is a bad hair day. Especially during the uncomfortable humid summer months. From daily routine and maintenance, finding the right hair products to tame their hair during styling, covering their hair, and the best things to avoid during those months; Here are some tips and tricks that will help anyone treat their hair and keep it in whatever style of their choice to protect themselves from the humidity.

First and foremost we have to diagnose our hair. Anyone with thin hair to thick hair will have a completely different hair routine. Some people will require more maintenance than others when it comes to grooming while others will require more products and less grooming. The best thing to do as a start is to first figure out what shampoos and conditioners are best for them. Some great quality well-known shampoos and conditioners would be Living Proof, Dove, and Head And Shoulders. Also, any shampoos and conditioners that contain natural oils such as Argan Oil and Olive Oil will help because the oils put natural shine in the hair which causes it to restore and prevent breakage. Going into breakage, another way to prevent frizzy hair is to keep the hair trimmed. This will help prevent split ends which causes frizzy and untamed hair.

When it comes to styling the hair, Helen Schifter recommends not using heating styling tools such as flat irons, hand wands, and hot combs. The heat when not used properly or too often can cause terrible damage to the hair such as breakage or split ends. Schifter also recommends taking vitamins daily to help keep the hair strong and also using hair oils such as Tea Tree Oil. She also suggests people to not bleach their hair often because it causes the hair to dry out and that’s an easy way for the hair to stay frizzy and humid in the summer. Paraben-free and sulfate products are great ways to keep the hair healthy and shiny.

Depending on what’s going on in the day anyone can find a way to cover their hair up and still pull off the look. They can just tie their hair up in a hair tie for work, put a hat on when going to the beach, or on a rainy day under an umbrella. At night time covering up the hair is a great nightly routine because anyone can also add oils to their hair to sit overnight and that will keep some added moisture and make it easier to style for the next day.

The best things to avoid during these humid summer months are hair products that contain alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the body which causes the hair to become dry and brittle. Also being careful with what type of hair ties are used because if it is too tight it can cause the hair to have split ends and breakage. Applying these tips and tricks into the hairstyle routine will help prevent frizzy hair and keep the hair protected from humidity.

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