Feminist Students Sign Petition to Lock Conservatives in ‘Concentration Camps:’ We’ll Call It ‘Sensitivity Training’

“Yeah, I think it’s brave of you.”

UCLA students were caught on film eagerly signing a petition to lock conservatives in feminist reeducation camps.

The signature-gathering was an undercover stunt by InfoWars reporter and internet provocateur Kaitlin Bennett. Wearing rainbow “equality” apparel, John Lennon sunglasses, and a nose ring, Bennett posed as freshman “Jenna Talia,”an activist for “Feminist Camp.” She walked the Los Angeles campus with a clipboard to raise support for “Students for the re-education and involuntary internment of conservatives.”

On Sunday, Bennett tweeted out an excerpt of the video of her false-flag activism, saying, “Leftists are the REAL Nazis.” It has since been viewed nearly 400,000 times.

Although the clip was heavily edited, the interactions that made the cut appeared to go well.

“They should definitely like have to go through some type of training and some type of camp to learn what it’s like to be a queer person, to be a person of color in Trump’s America, ’cause maybe they will start to listen and understand what were saying,” Bennett told one young woman. “I feel like if the Trump administration’s being radical that we should also be radical in how we combat them.”

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“Yeah, I think it’s brave of you,” said the woman as she signed the petition.

“Hopefully, this is gonna be a good initiative to kind of get some camps going around campus,” Bennett told another young woman.

“They’re only going to get something positive out of these camps,” Bennett assured yet another young woman, who apparently needed no convincing.

“I don’t really care,” the woman said. “Yeah, like I’m not mad about this.”

Bennett told an older-looking woman while penning her signature, “I’m gonna give this to the administration to let them know that people do support involuntary camps for conservatives.”

As she collected yet another endorsement, Bennett argued with a young man who had some concerns.

“I mean FDR put people in camps,” she said, apparently referring to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s mass-internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

“Yeah, but sensitivity training I think is a better way of framing it,” the man pushed back.

“OK, so kind of like hiding what we’re really doing,” Bennett said knowingly.

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The video ended with Bennett winning the signature of a young woman who said she was a member of the student government.

“We do all the lobbying and shit like that. But basically, I have a lot of access to admin,” the student said, apparently referring to UCLA administration. “I’m digging this. I’m queer, I’m a fourth year. I’ve been dealing with their bullshit for like years.”

She then sought to coach Bennett on how to get the administration to accept the idea of conservative reeducation camps. 

“We have to take these drastic measures for what’s happening to be honest,” Bennett argued.

“Right but admin doesn’t do radicalism,” the students replied.

“Well, they should ’cause our administration is,” Bennett protested.

“Right, they should, you just have to work on the phrasing of it,” the student explained. “So it would have to be more of like a diversity and inclusion like training, rather than like something that is specifically searching for and like targeting conservative students.”

“So we want to target them but we have to make sure that we don’t come out and say it,” Bennet concludes.

InfoWars, which has been known to promote conspiracy theories and falsehoods, last month attracted attention with a video of reporter Owen Shroyer being sexually assaulted by a protester at the Women’s March in Washington, DC. The woman was later charged with misdemeanor sex abuse.

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