Jordan Peterson Gives Mainstream Media Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Treatment

Jordan Peterson Responds to ‘Hit Piece’ by Treating Mainstream Media Like a Psycho Ex-Girlfriend

“The hit pieces only attract more attention.”

Jordan Peterson dealt with the mainstream media like a clingy ex-girlfriend this week, essentially saying, “Get over me.”

The Canadian psychologist stopped in New Zealand Saturday on his international speaking tour. As often happens, the local press got itself into a tizzy ahead of his arrival, and the country’s public broadcaster was no exception.

Radio New Zealand aired a show Sunday that offered a summary of the often-hysterical media commentary about Peterson, playing tape of a peace activist warning on a well-known radio show that Peterson threatens New Zealand’s basic values. Even as it pushed back on some of this coverage, the broadcaster described Peterson as a provocateur who feels excluded by the mainstream media.

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Peterson, who does not suffer fools lightly, took issue with both those characterizations. In a tweet Sunday, he made clear that he couldn’t care less about being “shut out” by the mainstream media, since it’s “dying” anyway. Further, he said, the trash-talking about him by pundits only makes him more desirable to audiences on YouTube and podcasts.

The professor added that he isn’t responsible for those who are irrationally triggered by his ideas – among whose ranks he included Radio New Zealand.

In other words: Bitches be crazy.

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