Straight From The White House. Inflation’s Preferred Pronouns are “Transitory” and “Tiny” – RedState

President Biden’s spokesperson has a hard job. I don’t mean Jen Psaki is asked hard questions. Most questions fall under the category of media T-ball. She just needs to hit the ball.  Psaki was asked a few questions by friendly White House staffers. That’s easy. The hard part is maintaining a straight face when she says things like “inflation is decreasing after a record-breaking September”. She stated:

“We’ve seen a decrease over the course of time,” she told reporters on Wednesday. “Over the second and third quarter of this year, monthly inflation increases have actually decelerated.” It’s like a drunk speeding down the highway at 150mph and when she’s pulled over, tells the cop: “What’s the problem, I was slowing down”.

The boot lickers at the Fed have called inflation “transitory” yet admitted in the same breathe that “transitory inflation” will last for quite a while. Apparently, the theory is using gentle words, as the Administration puts a shiv in consumers’ backs will lessen the pain.

It is faster than wages. Consumers won’t call skyrocketing heating oil prices transitory. I’m guessing it will a collection of four-letter words directed at the White House, not the Fed. The White House should not be held responsible.

My colleague Bonchie covered this administration’s idiotic class warfare spin this morning. You can take your time to review his thoughts. The puppet master Ron Klain is telling people who are about to count pennies and worrying about how they will heat their homes this winter, that inflation is a “high class” problem. Think about being like that guy. On second thought, don’t.

Inflation’s pronouns aren’t Transitory and Tiny. Inflation is a monster – and Biden made it. It is his.

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