Straight Couple Stay Married for 13 Months Until One Day Realizing They’re Both Gay

A British tabloid this week detailed the story of a heterosexual husband and wife who realized after 13 months together that they were both gay and had their marriage annulled.

“We have had a hoot signing the nullity petition today – ‘invalid consent by mistake – turns out we are both gay,'” tweeted Jo Turner, 30, in late August. “Enjoy that, Judge.”

One day earlier, Turner’s husband had shared a tweet in which he announced he was gay.

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Scott Turner-Smith, 25, revealed he’d “composed and deleted” his coming out tweet a thousand times.

“Those I’ve told so far have been wonderful, and for that I’m more grateful than they know. It feels freeing to be able to be my whole self, and I’m excited to find out what’s next,” he said.

According to The Sun, the split has been remarkably amicable. The couple still goes out together – and Turner’s new girlfriend joins them. Turner and Turner-Smith have even joked about having a double-wedding in the future.

The new woman in Turner’s life, Wendy Rennie, said she’d had an eye on her since they met in a hospital two years ago. But she had to “watch Jo move on with her life and get married to a man human.”

That all changed recently when Jo sent her a text message asking if she’d like to meet up for drinks.

“It just may take two years but my God is she worth it,” Rennie said in a series of tweets, which also revealed that she’d ended a previous relationship in order to be with Turner.

This week, Turner and Rennie expressed frustration at how their story was being covered in the British press.

“Waking up to this is not fun. Humiliating, but not fun,” Rennie tweeted on Thursday.

A brave new world

Progressive and liberal movements have done much to erode previously-held societal beliefs on marriages and relationships.

Turner and Turner-Smith’s case may not even be the most radical example of how much cultural norms have changed.

Last year, an Ohio woman described her unconventional marriage in an interview with the U.K. Daily Star.

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She revealed that after accepting her claim to identify as polyamorous, her husband allowed her to start an affair on their wedding day.

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