Steps You Should Take Immediately After You’ve Been In An Accident

Research heavily backed by statistics shows that there are at least six million accidents every year in the United States of America alone. This simply means that every time you drive out or take a walk, there is a possibility you will be involved in one. As scary as this may sound, it is the reality that 1 in 5 people have been involved in an accident directly or indirectly. Yet, so often, people end up confused and disheveled after an accident having zero knowledge on what to do, steps to take, or what to look out for either because they are incapacitated when the accident is terrible or probably immersed in shock even to react when low degree. However, there are steps and things you should endeavor to do when involved in an accident. This article aims to educate and expose you to what is required of you in a situation where you’re involved in one.

What Do I Do After Being Involved In An Accident

As earlier established, many people are ignorant of what to do after their involvement in an accident, irrespective of how it turned out. Whether as the offender or the victim, there are many things you should do but here are few things you should ensure you do immediately after an accident in no particular order.

Move To Safety And Call 911 

Ensure to get across to safety on the side of the road. This is a crucial step you should take after a collision. This can go south and end up being a dangerous option— accidents that occur in the middle of busy roads can put drivers and passengers in danger and risk if they exit the vehicle before traffic has stopped. Those who are unable to relocate to the side of the road safely should remain in their vehicle. Be cautious of the smell of gasoline and look out for smoke and other things. If any of the surfaces, you should do your best to exit your car and find safety in another location. Regardless of where you end up, immediately call 911 and report the accident. Be as detailed as you can with your location and the severity of the accident.

Get An Attorney 

Immediately after your involvement in an auto accident, irrespective of the side of the law you are on, it’s best to get in touch with an attorney to take care of any legal obligations. Automobile accidents of different types happen in other parts of the country. It could involve a bike or a car. Many people are ignorant, confused, and scared, especially on what to do after a semi-trailer truck accident in Las Vegas, California, or any part of the country, as each state has its laws. Getting an experienced professional will help you get the total amount of compensation you deserve or defend against the other party’s claims if you are the offender. After the above steps are taken care of, reach out to a reputable lawyer in your area with good reviews online and offline. If your situation isn’t straightforward and you’re concerned about finding a lawyer for your specific situation, no need to worry, there is even a lawyer for lift accidents.

As little as a brief consultation can help prevent further complications and help define and clarify things.

File A Police Report

There are many reasons why you should file a police report. From the legal to the insurance claim. After the arrival of the police at the accident scene, ensure that you convey to them that you need a copy of the report that’s filed. Endeavor to take note of the officer’s name, the report number, and any special instructions they provide you with when retrieving the information. Having access to the officer’s assessment of the incident will help you leverage your case if you choose to pursue the other party for compensation. If you decide not to file a police report at the scene, you have only ten days from the date of the accident to file one, or your case is invalid. The  requirements demanded  by law to report most car accidents include the following :

  • If damage is worth more than $500 
  • If there are any injuries sustained
  • If either vehicle required towing from the scene

Additionally, you’ll also need to report the incident if anyone involved was under the influence of alcohol or driving a commercial car.

Photograph The Scene

This is a very crucial step in aiding the process. To accurately convey the severity of an accident, you’ll need photographic proof. Take photos of all visible damage, including on the other party’s vehicle. If you have visible injuries, no matter how little, make sure you photograph those, too. After getting enough pictures, make a video walking through the scene, if possible. This will enable you to present a more accurate perspective of the incident, and you may find evidence that you initially missed.

These steps will come in very handy in a situation where you have an accident. Be careful, drive well and always make safety your priority.

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