Doing the Right Thing after a Parking Lot Accident

On Wednesday, July 07, 2021, a 92-year-old woman died after a motor vehicle accident that took place in the UPMC East parking garage in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. After the accident, Josephine Mayni was transported to Forbes Hospital where she sadly passed away approximately three hours later. Every year, approximately 6 million car accidents occur in the USA. While the majority of these accidents take place on the country’s highways and byways, the nation’s crowded parking lots are fast becoming an auto accident hotspot. When involved in an accident in a parking lot, it is vital to know not only what to do immediately after the accident, but also how to seek out legal representation and claim potential damages.

Try not to panic

Whether you were involved in a parking lot rear-end collision, hit-and-run, or side swipe it is natural that panic may set in. It is, however, of paramount importance to remain calm as what you do directly after the incident may impact any legal proceedings that may follow. If you are involved in a parking lot accident, remain calm and remain on the scene. If possible, take photos or a video of the vehicles as well as the surrounding area. If no injuries were obtained by either party, insurance details can be exchanged on the scene and the authorities can be alerted. If anyone is injured, however, seeking medical attention will be the top priority.

Determine who was at fault

When dealing with an accident in a parking lot it can be a lot harder to establish who is at fault than when it takes place on a typical roadway.  Because of the often complex nature of parking lot accidents it may very well be that both parties are found guilty. Liability can typically be established by determining two things: who had right of way and whether both vehicles were moving at the time of the accident. When pedestrians are involved, liability becomes more complex. When one car is rear-ended by another, the principle of car accident law stipulates that the car at the back is generally at fault. When two cars collide when both are turning towards the same parking spot, however, the blame may be shared. Each case is unique, though, and needs to be assessed as such.

Damages can be recovered from guilty parties

The type of parking lot accident you were involved in, along with the extent of damages/injuries suffered, will determine what damages you are entitled to. Some of the most common types of damages you may be qualified for include medical expenses, physical and emotional pain and suffering, vehicle damage, and loss of income. Remember that the period during which car accident claims can be filed, may differ from state to state. Do not waste time in obtaining legal advice as you may lose out on your chances to receive fair compensation if you do. Always enlist the aid of a reputable car accident law firm that will seek out fair damages on your behalf from negligent parties. 

Parking lot accidents are far more common and complex than most road users are aware of. By being proactive and confident in the processes that follow such an accident, many headaches can be avoided as legal recourse is sought.

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