Haters Devastated to Discover That Pro-Trump Dilbert Creator Has a 30-Year-Old Model Girlfriend

“Winning takes care of everything!”

Scott Adams’ girlfriend on Wednesday tweeted photos of the happy couple vacationing in Hawaii, and some people were seriously triggered.

Most commenters expressed support or straightforward jealousy of Adams, the 61-year-old creator of Dilbert, for dating a 30-year-old woman who looks good snorkelling in a bikini. But others seethed with resentment.

Such outrage is nothing new for Adams. The cartoon mogul and author has been the target of liberal ire since he in 2015 made the then-implausible prediction that Donald Trump would be the next U.S. president.


To make matters worse for the left, after Trump won, Adams wrote a book – 2017’s “Win Bigly” – explaining how he managed to be so right. Basically, he identified Trump as a fellow master of persuasion, and said that the candidate’s skills would make him irresistible to American voters.

He has since continued to boost Trump in the press and on social media.

It’s no wonder, then, that the sight of Adams with Kristina Basham was simply too much for a number of his critics to take.

One Twitter user made the unlikely suggestion that Basham, whom Adams has been quietly dating since 2016, doesn’t know his views on Trump.

Some found catharsis by noting the age gap between the two lovebirds, with someone saying that Adams is old enough to be Basham’s father.


Another Twitter used posited a further generational divide.

And, of course, there were gold-digger accusations.

Adams indeed has an estimated net worth of $75 million. But Basham is more than just a pretty face herself. In addition to a modeling career, she is a multi-instrumentalist musician said to be worth some $3 million.


In other words, they can both afford to ignore the “haters and losers,” as Trump would put it.

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