Soulless Joy Dismisses Inflation as GOP ‘Buzzword,’ Insists ‘The Economy Isn’t Bad’

MSNBC’s ReidOut Joy Reid, host of the show, decided Wednesday that she would be retiring. ChannelStephanie Ruhle, chief business correspondent at NBC and MSNBC co-worker on the network dismissed the economic problems Americans face amid rising inflation. She called it a “strange coincidence”. “buzzword bandwagon”Republicans “want you to believe the economy isn’t doing well” when it’s “not bad”And people “are also spending a record amount of money.”

And with chyrons such as “GOP Using Inflation to Their Political Advantage” and “Dems Push Back Against False Narratives on the Economy,” Reid even cited a tweet from White House Chief of Staff and Twitter resident Ron Klain to back up her rosy outlook.



“Republicans jump on the inflation buzzword bandwagon, ignoring all the signs of America’s economic comeback. Senator Elizabeth Warren joins me next with the truth about our economy,”In the second of her two teases, she stated.

Before bringing in Warren, Reid maintained the humor. “Republicans want you to believe the economy isn’t doing well, that’s terrible. But, in reality, unemployment is at its lowest point since before the pandemic began.”

Amazingly, Reid even defended inflation and said that while “[p]rices are higher” and while that’s “never good,” it’s fine because “Americans are also spending a record amount of money that was pent up during the pandemic, which economics 101 will tell you drives prices up, aka inflation.”

In turn, she said the problem has boiled down to the stubbornness of American consumers: “[T]The conflict between what we are willing to spend and how quickly we can obtain it is contributing to the pessimism many Americans have about the economy. The lowest level of consumer confidence in 10 years.[.]”

Kvetching Biden’s poll numbers have fallen “because Republicans are seizing on inflation” despite “max[ing] out the national credit card on tax cuts for the super rich” and the wall, Reid touted this Klain tweetAs “good news” Then, start again whining “So — so, the economy isn’t bad. It’s just that people are mad because everything is late and things cost a little bit more.”

Warren explained that the best way to improve the economy is to pass the Build Back Better Plan, which Reid agreed to because Republicans can’t be trusted to tell the truth about the economy. “[T]Reality is what you have said. You know that they are trying to get power back by saying things that don’t match reality.[.]”

The two went onto trot out the tiresome excuse of the supply chain being in crisis due to a lack of affordable (read: free) child care (click “expand”):

REID: [H]ere’s the thing. They are not happy with the supply chain. For example, if you order something online and you need a couch in 12 weeks, then it is frustrating. However, people aren’t returning to work because they cannot afford child care. They don’t [sic]getting back to work. If you approve this bill, there are many things you can do to help people get back to work and fix the supply chain.

WARREN: That’s right. All these small business owners who say they have the need for those workers. Let’s do Build Back Better so that we can really create the infrastructure to ensure that those moms are able to return home. And, by the way: let us raise wages for every preschool teacher and child care worker in America. Let’s give these jobs the same treatment as we gave construction jobs, two generations back. It’s time to make them middle class jobs. And let’s also help the child care industry. You want to talk about something that’s good for families and that’s good for our economy overall, and this time, instead of being predominantly men’s jobs, let do it because these are women’s jobs —

REID: Yep.

WARREN: — and mostly women of color. Let’s — let’s make that investment as a nation. Let’s lift up those families. 

The pair ended on the subject of expunging marijuana convictions, but not before Reid peddled the insanity that the rise in gas prices has been due to nefarious behavior from oil companies to thumb their noses at the Biden administration’s Build Back Better agenda:

[A]While gas prices are a major issue for many, people didn’t drive for at least a year. Gas prices then went up somehow. These oil companies have come under fire for not liking Build Back Better. It addresses the environmental concerns of the company. How is that possible when people are home and the prices suddenly go up?

Just as we saw under the Obama administration, the liberal media often decide that some (if not all) of the problems that have befallen Biden aren’t of his making. Rather, they’re instances where he’s a victim of happenstance.

Exit question: If the economy’s in such great shape, then why was Joy complaining about gas prices?

Reid’s partisan dismissal of economic pain faced by Americans was made possible thanks to the endorsement of advertisers such as Ancestry, Applebee’s, and Fidelity. Follow the links to see their contact information at the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.

You can view the MSNBC transcript of November 17 by clicking here.

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